The Food You Should Try Baking In A Coffee Can

If you are a coffee drinker, and according to the National Coffee Association, 70% of us are, chances are you have a can of ground coffee hiding in your pantry. Coffee cans are amazing for several reasons, the first being they contain coffee grounds that make the morning brew that gets us going. But the second reason we are loving these metal cans is because they can be used for baking. 

That's right, baking in coffee cans became a thing at the beginning of the 20th Century, per the MJ Angel Food Bakery. Back then, not everyone could afford the latest and greatest pots and pans. Instead, they used empty coffee cans for the simple reason that they were easily accessible and made out of "mild steel," making them perfect for bakers.

Fast forward to present day and a whole century has come and gone since this coffee can practice began. And while this might seem like an odd way to bake in these modern times when you can find just about any type of baking gear you want or need, it might surprise you to learn that using a coffee can is still common practice. In fact, there is one food you should definitely try baking in one of these containers.

Coffee can bread

According to Reader's Digest, you don't want to throw out those empty coffee cans because you can bake bread in them. Delishably explains that this type of bread is really easy to make because you do not need to get your work-out kneading the dough and they also share that you can do all the combining of ingredients with a electric mixer. The food site notes because this dough needs to rise just once before you pop it in the oven, it isn't the same time commitment as a traditional bread recipe.  

One of the more popular breads to make in a coffee can is Boston Brown Bread, especially if you are from Massachusetts. Simply Recipes shares that this recipe calls for you to steam your brown bread in the metal can to create a heavy bread, which is often served with another Boston staple: beans.

If you are worried about baking in your coffee can for safety reasons, don't. The Los Angeles Times reported that are no health concerns associated with baking in these containers and verified the information with the Canned Food Information Council.