Do Starbucks Cafes In Target Actually Offer Free Refills?

Frequent Target goers will be the first to tell you that no Target run is complete without grabbing a Starbucks coffee, which is undoubtedly why the grocery chain has over 1,300 Starbucks cafes in its locations across the United States (per Target).

And since putting the iconic coffee chain inside of its stores, Target has gone above and beyond to accommodate its customers' Starbucks obsession. Of course, many Target locations have shopping carts with cup holders so customers can keep their pumpkin spice latte safe while they browse the store's aisles. But Target even provides shoppers who order curb-side pick-up the option to have a Starbucks drink brought outside with their groceries (per CNN).

However, a recent viral TikTok video has made a claim about the Starbucks cafes in Target that seems too good to be true. According to the video, Target's in-store cafes will give customers a free refill on their go-to Starbucks order. But can you actually refill your pink drink free of charge once you finish your grocery shopping?

You can get a free refill at all Starbucks cafes

Although TikToker andrearizatips's video is one of the most recent to claim that Starbucks cafes in Target will give its customers free refills, it's not the first. In fact, In the Know reported that last year another TikTok user, bestoftarget, made a video where she directly asked a Target Starbucks barista if customers could get free refills. In the video, the barista confirms that this rumor is true. However, it turns out free refills aren't exclusive to the Starbucks cafes inside the grocery store. In The Know noted you can get a free refill at all of the coffee giant's locations.

But before you run off to your nearest Starbucks, there are a few things you need to know about the brand's free refill policy. The first is that if you want to get in on the free refill action, you need to be a Starbucks rewards member — although Starbucks' website did note that regular customers can get refills for a "reduced price." The second tip you need to keep in mind is that you can only get a refill of basic drinks like unflavored coffee and tea. So, unfortunately, you won't be able to get another caramel macchiato on the house. However, on the bright side, so long as you are a rewards member, you can score a free coffee or tea refill with the order of any drink.