The To-Go Coffee Tip You Should Consider

The person who makes your morning coffee is the person who rules the world. Seriously, can you imagine how grumpy and lethargic the world would be without all the coffee shops serving up our favorite brew? The National Coffee Association estimates that 70% of Americans drink coffee, and 62% need it daily. And when we drink coffee, we can't stop at one. We are guzzling an average of three cups. From Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte that causes PSL enthusiasts to mark their calendars for its return to the best Dunkin secret menu drinks that keep us going, coffee is a necessary staple.

But have you ever stood in line and watched the coffee aficionados place their orders? They seem to know things we don't. If you give it a google, you can find dozens of articles detailing how to order coffee like a pro. A Barista shared with Insider you can tell a lot about your favorite coffee shop by the TLC they shower on their "regular drip coffee." If you are getting a subpar cup of regular coffee, chances are the coffee shop is subpar as well. They also know that a darker roast can be a favor to a "sensitive" stomach, and sugar-free syrups are your friends. But one of our favorite expert coffee tips centers around to-go coffee, and it's a game changer.

Size-up your coffee cup

According to Delish, when you order your coffee, ask for it in a cup one size larger than you are ordering. For example, they note that if you are getting a tall iced coffee drink at Starbucks, ask that it be put in a grande cup. Why? Those pesky speed bumps that come out of seemingly nowhere can be a real hazard for your to-go coffee cup. They can cause splashing and loss of coffee. No one needs that. Delish explains that a little bit of extra room in the cup can help prevent spillage when you roll over them.

KREM, a Spokane, Washington, news station, also recommends this sizing-up hack. The news site also suggests that if you are one of those people who love their half-and-half and may add a bit too much, a larger cup can be beneficial to you, as well. Both sources note that when you order your coffee in this manner, you often get a little more coffee than normal, and extra caffeine to help you accomplish your day's work is always appreciated.