The Reason You Should Always Toast Your Oats For Oatmeal Pancakes

There's nothing better than savoring a stack of syrup-drizzled pancakes first in the morning. But while a simple buttermilk pancake recipe composed of flour, milk, and eggs is sure to hit the spot, there is a way to cook up a batch of pancakes to make you feel as good as they taste. And the key to a healthier stack of flapjacks is to combine it with another, more nutrition-packed breakfast favorite — oatmeal.

A recipe that has received a lot of attention on social media, oatmeal pancakes are an easy way to make this classic breakfast with a boost of fiber. According to All Recipes, the key to making oatmeal pancakes is to substitute a portion of the flour you'd usually use in your pancake mix with blended rolled oats.

While this change may seem small, adding oatmeal to your batter, your pancakes will keep you fuller for longer, per These Old Cookbooks. You'll also be getting more protein intake from your morning meal. But although cooking up a batch of oatmeal pancakes couldn't seem simpler, there is one essential step you need to take to ensure your protein-packed breakfast is undeniably delicious.

Toasted oats are what give oatmeal pancakes their flavor

Everyone knows that a dish is only as good as the amount of flavor it packs in each bite. And according to Serious Eats, the secret to cooking a stack of rich-tasting oatmeal pancakes is to toast your oats. The outlet noted that toasting your oatmeal will deepen its flavors as well as provide depth to your stack of flapjacks. And roasting oats is far from a new cooking tactic. In fact, some savvy home chefs already practice toasting their oats before fixing a bowl of oatmeal so they can get the most flavor out of their meal.

If you're looking for a simple way to prepare your oats for oatmeal pancakes, Serious Eats states you should toast them in a pan on the stovetop at medium heat. However, if you are hoping to add even more flavor to your breakfast, you can try Eating Well's recipe for cinnamon-toasted oats and mix cinnamon and nutmeg into your oatmeal as you toast it. No matter which oat toasting method you chose, Oats Every Day states that once your oats have a golden-like color, they are ready for you to blend. Then you only need to transfer them into your pancake mix and cook up a satisfying breakfast.