The Easy Rice Krispies Treat Trick To Keep Your Hands Clean

Taking a bite out of a Rice Krispies treat will instantly make you feel like a kid again. And if you're looking to make this marshmallow-packed comfort food, its recipe is as simple as the days you spent on your elementary school playground.

According to Food Network, all you need to whip up Rice Krispies of your own are marshmallows, crispy rice cereal, butter, vanilla, and salt. Aside from being a breeze to make, Rice Krispies treats are easy and fun to decorate for any occasion. For example, if you're hoping to prepare an autumn-themed sweet, you can try making a pumpkin-shaped version of this classic treat by using two bowls as a baking mold and a tootsie roll as a pumpkin stem. Or, when the winter celebrations come around, Two Sisters Crafting explains how you can prepare Rice Krispies treats that are decked out with holiday cheer.

But for all the happiness eating and preparing Rice Krispies treats bring, whipping up this snack is not without its perils. Thanks to having to push down and even out your marshmallow and rice cereal mixture in its pan before it settles, making Rice Krispies treats can get very sticky very fast. However, one TikTok user revealed their hack for making sure that your hands stay clean throughout the Rice Krispies treat-making process (per TikTok).

Put your butter wrapper to good use

According to TikToker crazyforcrust's video, you shouldn't throw out your butter wrapper once you add the ingredient into your Rice Krispy treat mix. Instead, you should use the inside of the wrapper to pat your marshmallow and butter-infused treat down into its pan. As crazyforcrust noted, this will allow you to even out your Rice Krispies Treats without covering your hands in marshmallows and crispy rice cereal.

However, if you already accidentally tossed your butter wrapper in the garbage can, you don't have to worry. The video's comments section was filled with other users' suggestions for how to pat down Rice Krispies treats without the sticky residue. For example, one user stated you could use a spatula doused in non-stick spray to avoid the mess. Another found that you can use your hands so long as you wash them with cold water first. 

After following these tips, you can focus more on finding ways to make your Rice Krispies recipe as delicious as possible — like by following Chef Alton Brown's advice and browning your dessert's butter — and stop worrying about having to clean up a marshmallow nightmare when you're done preparing your treat.