The Kitchen Tool That Will Make Egg Salad So Much Easier

Kitchen gadgets are useful. They make it simpler to slice, dice, peel, shred, de-core, mash — the list goes on. However, despite the fact that they can help you save time and energy, the one major drawback is that these tools tend to provide one sole purpose. Luckily, when it comes to preparing egg salad, there's already a tool hanging around in your kitchen that can make the process easier and maybe just a bit tastier.

A blend of chopped boiled eggs, mayonnaise, and Dijon mustard, Simply Recipes notes that egg salad can also contain some mix-ins like herbs, spices, chopped celery, relish, or a spoonful of horseradish to add a dimension of freshness, some crunch, or a pop of acidity. But, even before seasoning the lettuce-free salad, how the eggs are cooked can affect the taste. According to Bon Appétit, slightly undercooking the eggs and giving them an ice bath can prevent chalky, dull yolks and lead to a more vibrant flavor and texture.

Interestingly enough, texture can also be greatly impacted by how those boiled eggs are chopped. So for the easiest, more luxurious egg salad, you should always reach for one kitchen tool.

For a silkier salad, use a potato masher

Making egg salad can be a time-consuming task between boiling, peeling, and chopping all the eggs that it requires. Thankfully, you can save some time (and sanity) by using an unlikely tool. Forget knives and costly contraptions; Allrecipes recommends using a potato masher to more effectively chop boiled eggs.

While many recipes forgo chopping for mashing, forks are usually the tool of choice to pound boiled eggs. However, given that a potato masher covers a larger surface, this makes the process even more efficient. Just add the hard-boiled eggs to a bowl, start smashing, and within seconds you'll have a silky salad — you'll never look at your potato masher the same way ever again.

Plus, not only can it make yolks more velvety, but Southern Living notes that using a potato masher (preferably, a waffle head style) can also prevent huge pieces of egg whites in your recipe. The result is a more uniform and, consequently, aesthetic salad.