The Cheap NYC Sushi Spot Located In A Hotel With A Robot Dino

Sushi has a reputation for being expensive. After all, we are talking about raw fish here, which has the potential to make you seriously sick if not served fresh and of the highest quality, so sushi isn't exactly the meal that you want to go cheap on. And while some of the best-known sushi restaurants across the country, like Nobu, Morimoto, and Masa, tend to come with a hefty check at the end of the meal — in fact, Masa might actually be the most expensive restaurant in the US — that doesn't always have to be the case.

As Eater New York explained, there are inexpensive sushi bars and restaurants that offer top-quality fish at more reasonable prices, and how they do it is by offering more common, and therefore less expensive, fish like "wild albacore and farm-raised salmon that are, as a bonus, often more sustainable than more expensive species." Some of these restaurants also save money by focusing more on carryout and having a smaller storefront. One restaurant in particular can be found inside of a hotel, and a rather unusual one at that.

Bargain sushi inside an unusual hotel

Noted by Eater New York in their roundup of bargain sushi spots in New York, Gosuke-Akimitsu Restaurant, a compact space inside a Manhattan hotel, certainly fits the bill. It offers a sushi dinner (Sushi Nami, with seven pieces of sushi and one hand roll) for $35 and a deluxe version (Sushi Joh, with eight pieces of sushi and one hand roll) for $40. The sushi omakase (which includes 10 pieces of sushi, a small dish, hand roll, and dessert) is $90 while the sashimi omakase (which comes with 30 to 35 pieces of sashimi) is $100.

What makes Gosuke stand out from the other restaurants on the list is the hotel that it's in — the Henn na Hotel New York in midtown. With a chain of hotels in Japan, the Henn na brand made news as the Guinness World Record holder for the first hotel staffed by robots. Some of its hotels in Japan use hologram characters. In New York, which represents the brand's first hotel in the United States, a life-sized animatronic T-Rex greets guests with "lots of grunting and low roars" in the lobby, which you can see on your way to take advantage of the cheap sushi at Gosuke.