The Most Popular Type Of Mushroom In The US

Fall is finally here, and that means mushroom season is upon us. While you may not have thought about harvesting mushrooms before, now might be the time to start. Mushrooms actually grow year-round, but, according to the Mushroom Huntress, edible species like Lion's Mane, Hen of the Woods, and Giant Puffballs are most abundant in autumn.

When it comes to foraging, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has some tips. The weather in prime mushroom seasons — spring and fall — is chilly so you should always dress appropriately. Secondly, use paper or cloth to carry harvested mushrooms. Plastic bags do not allow for proper ventilation and the mushrooms can begin to decay. Also, be educated about all the mushrooms you plan on harvesting because even a slight touch of the wrong mushroom can get you sick.

While Giant Puffballs may be a fall delicacy, America's favorite mushroom can be hard to identify in the woods and may be better found in the produce aisle.

White button mushrooms rank number 1

According to the Mushroom Council, white button mushrooms are the most popular variety in the U.S. Representing a whopping 90% of the mushrooms consumed in the country, many recipes benefit from the earthy yet mild flavor.

White button mushrooms have both native and non-native strains that grow in the wild, according to Mushroom Appreciation. However, there are poisonous doppelgängers that can make foraging for them risky. Death cap mushrooms are a similar small, white variety and they have caused more deaths than any other species, according to the site.

White button mushrooms can be identified by their firm white caps and short stalks. When selecting a white button mushroom, you should look for an all-white mushroom with a well-attached stem. It should not have any bumps or a slimy texture (via eHow Food). Due to their popularity, it is easy to find them prepackaged whole or sliced in most grocery stores.

White button mushrooms are a versatile variety that can be sautéed, grilled, or even pickled. Stuffed mushrooms are also a tried-and-true classic. Try these recipes out on any proclaimed mushroom-hater in your life and you may just change their mind.