The Ingredient That Will Make Your Cocktails Almost Too Pretty To Drink

Whether you're a bartender, an at-home mixologist, or a cocktail connoisseur, you know how much creativity and craftsmanship goes into making the perfect drink. The art of mixology is surprisingly complex, with finite details making or breaking a drink.

The Guardian outlines 10 basic rules to making great cocktails. The list includes tips like understanding the important role ice plays in cocktails, saying, "ice serves a dual purpose in cocktails, chilling the drink as well as providing a little (but not too much) dilution." Similarly, it is important to balance all the flavors in your drink. Neither sweetness nor bitterness should be overpowering and the beverage should stay flavorful until the last drop.

Then of course, there's tip number seven: presentation. An eye-catching cocktail adds to the experience, whether that's a fun glassware choice, colorful garnishes, or adding a sparkle to your drink. And, there is one lustrous ingredient that may be able to elevate any cocktail experience: pearl powder.

Give your drink a glow up

Pearl powder, an ingredient made by milling fresh or saltwater pearls, is a popular product commonly used in skin care. The powder has a lot of benefits for the skin. For example, the product contains amino acids, which stimulate skin cells to produce collagen and promote cellular repair, and possesses high levels of calcium, which promotes skin regeneration and moisture (via Healthline).

While this product is packed into lotions and face masks for these benefits — and more — pearl powder is also edible. Some oral supplements contain pearl powder, according to Healthline, but many people have found use for it as a shiny, aesthetic addition to cakes and cocktails.

According to The Takeout, "pearl powder shines (literally) in translucent drinks, so mixing it with any sort of tinted liquid is ideal — and of course, use a clear glass so you can see all the effects." The powder will take on the color of the liquid used, whether that is blue curaçao, pink gin, or another colored liquor. You don't need much powder to add the perfect shine. As Takeout explained, simply use three quarters of a teaspoon for a 12-ounce drink. The powder is also flavorless, so the addition into a drink will not affect the taste.

Next time you craft a cocktail, try out using pearl powder and see if you're as mesmerized as us.