11 Wine Spas Where You Can Sip And Soak In Vino

Wine is an enchanting and luscious beverage. A glass of wine with your evening meal can be relaxing. According to Newsweek, wine can elevate your mood, moderate blood sugar, prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, and benefit your brain, lungs, and kidneys while giving you radiant skin and increasing longevity. Per the Mayo Clinic, wine grapes can be heart-healthy because they are high in antioxidants called polyphenols, found in grape skins, that can positively impact the blood vessels in the heart. One antioxidant called resveratrol has been shown to lower bad cholesterol and prevent blood clots. To ensure the benefits outweigh the detriments, drink wine in moderation.

Prevention reveals that omega fats and vitamin-rich grapeseed oil is lightweight, non-comedogenic, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging. It contains vitamins E, C, and the antioxidant proanthocyanidin that fights pollution, free radicals, and UV damage. Wine-infused body care products are popular for subtle, taut, healthy skin and shiny locks. As Rioja Style writes, wine-infused cosmetics are used to "cleanse, soothe and invigorate your skin." Trained specialists are using vinothérapy — an emerging spa and wellness practice employing grapes, pomace (crushed grapes, seeds, and juice), and wine — as body treatments to pamper and revitalize dull skin and hair. 

Cosmetics brands Caudalíe and Vintner's Daughter are founded in resveratrol technology with proven skin-enhancing results. Vinothérapy (wine therapy) spas offer beautifying facials and body treatments, relaxing wine soaks, and restorative massages, along with detoxing, anti-aging, and slimming treatments.

Les Sources de Caudalíe— Martillac, France

Mathilde Thomas-Cathiard is the daughter of Château Smith Haut Lafitte, one of the most prestigious wine properties in the world, per the Caudalíe website. Along with her husband, Bertrand, she founded a global skincare company steeped in the values and nature of her familial vineyards. The pair discovered the power of resveratrol during a chance encounter with professor Joseph Vercauteren, laboratory director of the Pharmacy University of Bordeaux, leading to the creation of Caudalíe in 1995. By 1999, the pair opened their first of five vinothérapy spas amongst the vines of Château Smith Haut Lafitte.

The couple infuses their products with healthful elixirs derived from wine grapes and vines. While exploring their wine estate, they discovered a natural hot spring that is the crux of Les Sources de Caudalíe Hotel and Vinothérapie Spa. Indulge in a half-day Ritual of the Vines or full-day The Source package, complete with a hot spring Jacuzzi soak, followed by a wine grape-infused facial, full-body grapeseed polish, and a honey and wine bath. Treatments that sound good enough to drink. The Source Hotel boasts a trio of gourmet restaurants serving estate wines, including the two-Michelin star La Grand'Vigne focusing on organic, estate-grown, or locally sourced ingredients, per Sources-Caudalíe.

Aire Ancient Baths — NYC

AIRE Ancient Baths in TriBeCa, New York City, is part of a global brand featuring the best in decadent thermal spa experiences. According to the website, AIRE Ancient Baths offers a unique ionic thermal tour of various baths with botanic-infused waters of different temperatures honoring the legendary baths of ancient Rome, Greece, and the Ottoman Empire. Each experience can be elevated with a relaxing massage. Engaging all senses, fresh juices are offered, and the fragrance of orange blossom water punctuates the atmosphere accenting the candlelit mystique of the space.

With a focus on the healing nature of water, AIRE Ancient Baths affirm the ancient tradition of celebrating the wine grape with its signature wine bath experience. After a dip in the thermal spa, guests are immersed in an exclusive wine bath for 30 minutes while receiving an invigorating cranial massage followed by a grapeseed oil massage lasting an hour. Wine baths can be a solo or coupled experience. Spanish Ribera del Duero grapes and wine are used for their potent antioxidants.

Rosewood Castiglion Del Bosco — Tuscany, Italy

The bucolic landscapes of Tuscany, with poplar-lined roads winding through rolling hills, palatial estates dating back centuries, and sun-drenched afternoons lingering over platters of prosciutto, briny olives, pecorino romano cheese, and rich pasta dishes paired with aromatic Italian wines, invite wonder about the Italian lifestyle. Tourists flock to Tuscany for the quintessential Italian experience.

Tuscany is home to a developed resort and spa culture, including the extraordinary Rosewood Castiglion Del Bosco in the heart of the Val d'Orcia region. Rosewood Castiglion Del Bosco wants guests to delight in the beauty of Tuscany. It offers bicycle and gourmet picnic excursions throughout the adjacent countryside. The Ristorante Campo del Drago at Rosewood Castiglion Del Bosco offers organic, regional cuisine presented with a modern touch, while the traditional Osteria La Canonica focuses on classic Tuscan trattoria cuisine.

The resort prides itself on its attention to Tuscan authenticity. It boasts a deluxe wellness spa and an outdoor saline infinity pool with a view of the countryside. The spa menu includes a number of wine-themed facials, body treatments, and massages, but its pinnacle is the signature red wine body ritual that immerses the guest in a dynamic exfoliating grape gel treatment with pomace (pressed grape skins and seeds) oil followed by a vigorous full-body massage to relax the muscles while treating the skin with fragrant body butter. Once the body and mind are supple, the palate is tantalized with a glass of exclusive Brunello di Montalcino wine and refreshments.

Torre de Palma Wine Hotel — Alentejo, Portugal

Located in the picturesque Alentejo wine region in southern Portugal, the Torre de Palma Wine Hotel is truly a destination for the entire family. The hotel is steeped in history as the original structure dates back to 1338. Fully restored and modernized, it was transformed into the Torre de Palma Wine Hotel in 2014. The proprietors aim to incorporate regional traditions of the Alentejo. Regional traditions which hail from ancient Roman and medieval Arabic occupation, per Archeology Travel.

The Alentejo has long been one of the world's most important cork and Portuguese wine-producing regions. Torre de Palma Wine Hotel anchors the Herdade da Torre de Palma winery. Its red, white, and rosé wines are hand-crafted from native grapes. The Torre de Palma Wine Hotel offers gastronomy workshops for children and adults and picnics in the estate's olive tree grove. Take a dip in the outdoor pool, book a hot-air balloon, go for a horseback ride, and check out the vineyards from the sky. Night offers stargazing without the visual noise of city lights.

According to the spa at Torre de Palma Wine Resort, the Wine Therapy massage is available to guests of all ages, but with its restorative nature, it is perfect for adults. The hour-long massage begins with an exfoliating body treatment using essential oils, honey, dark sugar, and grape seeds to smooth and saturate the skin, claiming to smooth dimpled skin by draining toxins and fat, resulting in a taut appearance.

Cavas Wine Lodge — Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina is famous for breathtaking waterfalls, rugged mountains, picturesque rolling hills, and a vibrant European-style city along with sultry tango, world-class polo, champion soccer, gauchos (cowboys), incredible steak, and delicious wine (via South America Travel). When it comes to Argentinian wine, Mendoza is the place to go. Argentinians adopted the malbec grape from Bordeaux, France, when Miguel Pouget, a French agronomist, introduced Argentinian winemakers to the grape, hoping to elevate their wines, according to The Real Argentina.

As with wine regions across the globe, Mendoza plays to tourists, offering immersive experiences, wine tastings, and luxury hotels and spa resorts. Travel & Leisure named Cavas Wine Lodge, a Relais & Châteaux hotel and spa, nestled in Mendoza, the top resort in South America. An immense property featuring Romanesque and Moorish architecture, Cavas Wine Lodge offers world-class dining, and the concierge can arrange wine-tasting safaris, horseback riding, and picnics on request.

Its lavish spa features pools and temperate baths along with spa treatments. The two-hour Express Wine Therapy experience couples deep tissue Swedish massage, aromatherapy, and mud mask facial with the Bonarda bath, an indulgent soak in bonarda grape wine extracts, essential oils, and stimulating salts. Book the full-day Spa Day experience and enjoy breakfast and tea, a three-course lunch, a dip in the pool, and sparkling wine along with a facial, massage, and Bonarda bath.

The Yeatman Hotel — Porto, Portugal

Overlooking the historic city center, The Yeatman Porto is an ultra-posh yet family and pet-friendly hotel. Acclaimed for its wine-themed atmosphere, the hotel is the culmination of the Yeatman family's nearly two-century presence at the pinnacle of the port wine trade. A Portuguese anchor in the Relais & Châteaux hotel portfolio, The Yeatman is nestled amongst famous port wine houses lining the Douro River, providing access to the best wine tasting rooms in the country. Prior to your vinothérapie, you can ask the concierge to arrange guided tours of four nearby wine regions upon request. Enjoy a master class in Portuguese wine, tasting up to a dozen vinos, or book a unique guest to immerse yourself in Porto's wine-centric culture.  

The Yeatman hosts a Caudalíe Vinothérapie Spa. Recharge in the indoor or outdoor infinity pool or the Roman baths. Take in a Hamman experience. Relax in the steamy sauna. Indulge with a vinothérapie package that treats your body from your toes to the crown of your head. Caudalíe specializes in wine grape facials and body treatments meant to refine and perfect your skin. Melt away your stress with a botanical full-body massage, grape-infused body scrub, or a prenatal massage. With a robust menu of decadent spa treatments, you will leave The Yeatman Caudalíe Spa satiated.

Hotel Marqués de Riscal — Elciego, Spain

A masterpiece of architecture, The Marqués de Riscal City of Wine, as it is known, was designed by the legendary Frank O. Gehry. It is a wine-immersive experiential complex that includes the original bodega (wine cellar) circa 1860, a state-of-the-art winery; founded in 1858, Vinos de Los Herederos del Marqués de Riscal, S.A., is the number one winery in Europe.

The singular Hotel Marqués de Riscal is complete with an event space, conference center, gift shop, and wellness spa. It is a luxury destination in the heart of Spain's most prestigious wine region. The Hotel Marqués de Riscal restaurants feature the edible creations of acclaimed Riojan chef Francis Paniego, at its Michelin-star anchor Restaurante Gastronómico, alongside its casual eateries; the Asador Torrea grill, 1860 Tradición, and the Spanish wine-focused hotel bar, Vinoteca & Bistró.

Expect to indulge all of your senses at Hotel Marqués de Riscal with a visit to their SPA Vinothérapie Caudalíe, where you can wrap yourself in the decadence of anti-aging wine-infused body treatments. Relax in the steam room or jacuzzi before a massage, complete with the aromatic oils of pressed grapes, herbs, and flowers, to soothe your body and mind. Treat yourself to the skin-nourishing Grand Facial, followed by a crushed cabernet grape body polish that leaves your skin radiant.

Yunessun Spa Resort — Hakone, Japan

In Japan, ritual bathing, called onsen, is considered an art form meant to instill a sense of calm and well-being (via Forbes). It is a time to let the hurried cares of the world go and focus on health and serenity. Dating back centuries, traditional onsen bathing is an in-the-buff communal experience that takes place in one of 27,000 natural hot springs around the island nation (via Japan Travel). Ancient Japanese people frequented hot springs for their mineral-rich waters, thought to possess healing and regenerative properties, per Inside Japan, a practice that lives on (now with the addition of vino).

Yunessun Spa Resort is an outdoor hot spring spa high in the mountains above Sagami Bay. The lodge is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shopping. Yunessun takes onsen to the next level as a modern water park complete with hot water slides, outdoor pools, a waterfall, cave baths, jellyfish aquariums, and Finnish saunas. Yunessun sets itself apart with a set of "Mediterranean-themed" natural hot spring baths infused with coffee, red wine, sake, or green tea.

The coffee bath energizes the body, as does the green tea bath. Soaking in the red wine bath treats the skin with rich nutrients, and Yunessun Spa makes a unique event out of the communal bath by adding wine ceremonially at three different times throughout the day. For a purely Japanese experience, submit to the fish foot bath and let tiny fish exfoliate your feet until they are smooth.

Hotel Les Ottomans — Istanbul, Turkey

Rich in multicultural history, Istanbul bridges west to east. Founded by the Greeks in the eighth century B.C., the massive city of 15 million people is bisected by the Bosporus Strait, effectively dividing Europe from the Middle East (via Britannica). Bookended on the west by the Agean and Mediterranean seas and to the east by the Black sea, influence flows into the city from all directions.

The majestic Hotel Les Ottomans, with its dazzling interiors, was once the palatial Muhsinzade Mehmet Pasha Mansion, occupying ​​48,728 square feet of land. The posh hotel, in the heart of Istanbul, is located at the north end of Halide Hanim Korusu park, on the west bank of the Bosporus. Entrenched in luxury and family-owned, the structure dates to 1790. Heirs to the estate renovated the property in the 1980s with an eye on tourism. Noted for its exclusivity, the hotel offers world-class dining in its seasonal ParkŞamdan restaurant. Playing host to the political and artistic glitterati, the ParkŞamdan restaurant is the hottest ticket in town.

The wellness spa is part of the Caudalíe family. Alongside a fitness and pilates center, the spa specializes in vinothérapie treatments. Crushed grape seed scrubs, nourishing essential and grapeseed oil massages, impeccable botanic facials, and lingering soaks in mineralized water are meant to restore weary travelers. The spa incorporates Turkish Hammam and East Asian techniques for detoxification and purification. Les Ottomans wellness spa is a singular experience not to be missed.

Bohemian Healing Spa — Wichita, Kansas

In America's heartland, the Bohemian Healing Spa stands alone. Wichita, Kansas, isn't known as a wine region. It isn't a major cosmopolitan metropolitan city. It is a small, midwestern town known more for barbecue and its cowtown history. Named for the Wichita Native Americans, the locale was founded in 1863 as a trading crossroads and part of the Chisholm Trail, per Wichita.gov. These days, the city is at the crux of Interstate I-135 and US 400 in southeast Kansas.

It may be surprising to learn that the city boasts cultural activities ranging from exquisite botanic gardens to world-class opera, classical ballet, and live Broadway-style theater alongside classic and contemporary art museums reports Visit USA. According to Visit Wichita, the city has a thriving and creative culinary and entertainment scene.  You will find plenty of luxury hotels with all the amenities you desire. Plus, an innovative spa that focuses on a vinothérapy body treatments using products infused with wine grapes. 

The Bohemian Healing Spa, located in the Delano district, offers a range of botanic spa treatments, aesthetic procedures, and facials. Book the wine-grape-infused Wine Goddess package and spend two and a half hours on indulgent pleasure, starting with the crushed grape massage and the wine and honey body wrap. Next, your body will be scrubbed to perfection with the cabernet body polish. Finally, relax with a chardonnay and green clay facial to detoxify and refresh your skin. While the Bohemian Healing Spa doesn't offer wine baths, you will come away pampered.

Rumah Spa — Nusa Dua Bali

The Rumah Spa in Nusa Dua, Bali, is a stand-alone luxury wellness center and lounge devoted to beauty, relaxation, and rejuvenation, located in the exclusive Nusa Dua resort, a gorgeous five-star seaside tourist destination. 

Rumah combines classic western massage and spa treatments with ancient Asian philosophies. Pulling from the island's flora, spa treatments incorporate fresh flowers, botanicals, and fruit. Rumah offers deluxe hair and nail services, hand and foot treatments and reflexology, detoxifying procedures meant to slim and revitalize the body, an Indonesian body spa, a fruit body spa, a flower petal bath, and a warm chocolate spa. Imagine being drizzled with warm chocolate before deft hands massage the soothing liquid into your skin.

The Rumah Spa offers a vinothérapy package is a two-hour experience in bliss. Opening the experience, your feet are immersed in a rose geranium-scented sea salt bath to soften the skin. Next, the entire body is massaged and scrubbed with a blend of grape seeds and red wine from grapes grown along the northern shores of Bali near Singaraja. After a shower to remove the scrub, the body is once more massaged with grapeseed oil before applying a polishing mask of pink clay, red wine, and grapes. The incredible experience culminates with a flower petal and wine bath to cleanse, restore, and moisturize the entire body.