Why You Should Cook Mushrooms Before Putting Them On Pizza

Mushrooms and pizza are a winning combination. All you have to do is try our recipe for homemade roast mushroom pizza to know for yourself. According to YouGov, in 2021, mushrooms ranked as the third most-liked pizza topping, only to be outdone by pepperoni and sausage. There are different types of mushrooms to choose from when cooking. For example, Mushroom Appreciation explains that porcini mushrooms are well-suited for soups and sauces. But Epicurious says that when it comes to pizza (as well as salads and soups), the subtle flavor of the white button mushroom makes it a go-to. In fact, in 2010, the USDA's AgResearch Magazine reported that 90% of mushrooms consumed in the U.S. were of the white button variety. Their "mild" nature makes them quite versatile, according to Epicurious.

Why do we like mushrooms on our pizza? It's a good question. Maybe it's the meaty texture of this ingredient or what Monterey Mushrooms describes as the "light earthy" taste it imparts to foods. It's difficult to pinpoint for sure, but if you are among those who love mushrooms sprinkled on your homemade pizza, then you may want to cook them on the stovetop before adding them. Here's why.

It gets rid of excess water

The Kitchn explains that if you are going to use mushrooms on your pizza you want to cook them for a simple reason: It gets rid of excess water in the fungus. The cooking site goes on to share that sautéing mushrooms before placing them on your pizza to cook also creates a deeper flavor. Plus, it gives you the chance to add a little salt, pepper, or herb mix to the mushrooms to amp up their taste. A blogger at Kimbesa's Homemade Pizza said that you will want to use a little olive oil when sautéing your mushrooms to help them achieve a "golden brown" appearance. This should take about 10 minutes.

PMQ Pizza Magazine advises that when you buy mushrooms to use on a pizza, you should look for "smooth, firm caps. And, if you stumble upon one some with membranes underneath the cap that have "pulled away," that helps. These mushrooms have lost some of their water content, and the publication suggests the flavor will be even better when you go to cook them.