Why Siggi's Wants To Offer You $50k To Spend Time In Iceland

Siggi's, a thick yogurt with a high protein count, first hit grocery store shelves in 2005. Founder Siggi Hilmarsson wanted something different from the sweet yogurts he found in American markets and longed for skyr, the creamy yogurt from his home country of Iceland.

Hilmarsson's Icelandic-style yogurt quickly found a mainstream audience as consumers looked to buy healthier yogurt options. Though skyr is comparable to Greek yogurt as they are both strained, skyr is made with skim milk and its own unique cultures, while Greek yogurt is made with whole milk (via Real Simple). Another key difference between skyr and Greek yogurt is that the Icelandic treat has more protein.

Since Siggi's was first launched, skyr has been consumed as a snack, breakfast food, and dessert item and has been mixed into recipes like this no-bake cheesecake. In 2018, the Iceland Review reported that the French dairy company Lactalis bought Siggi's for around $300 million. Since then, the company has shown no signs of slowing down.

A job to appreciate simple living

If you were offered $50,000 to move to Iceland for a job, would you take it? What if we told you that Iceland has a four-day work week? As reported by NPR, Siggi's is looking for a freelance employee to run their social media accounts from Iceland. This is no typical office job, the purpose of the position is to showcase the work-life balance available in Iceland.   

Interested? The position is titled Chief Simplicity Offi-skyr (get it?), and the goal is to highlight and share exactly what the "simple life" in Iceland looks like. Sure, work is important, but for Siggi's, the company aims to hire someone interested in getting out into nature and enjoying and showcasing an Icelandic lifestyle.

To apply, interested applicants must describe their passions, their interest in photography and writing, and explain why they think they are a good fit for the position. We suppose it would be helpful to enjoy eating yogurt, too.