Circles Are Key To A More Advanced Omelet Cooking Technique

When you wake up craving an omelet, you probably don't run to the closest brunch spot because it's not that difficult to make yourself. If you're making an American-style omelet, you more than likely start by mixing the eggs together before throwing them into a skillet. Then, after the eggs cook into a solid base, you probably toss in some ham and cheese, fold the omelet, and get ready to dig in (per Food Network).

While you may know this omelet-making method like the back of your hand, you might also find it's not the best way to make this breakfast staple. According to Food Network, not touching your eggs while they're cooking may cause them to cook unevenly, which can make folding the omelet unnecessarily difficult. 

However, there is a more effective route you can take to cook an omelet that incorporates some French techniques. Bon Appétit explains that the trick to preparing an advanced version of this beloved breakfast is all about circles.

Stirring in circles ensures the eggs cook evenly

According to Bon Appétit, the key to whipping up a restaurant-level omelet is to make sure you prepare an even and crispy egg base. And to ensure that your omelet's base is flawless, you need to cook your eggs by moving them in circles with your spatula.

To apply this cooking technique to your omelet, you will want to start making circles in your eggs as soon as you put them on the heat. Bon Appétit reports that you should begin with small circles in the center of your eggs that get bigger as you move outwards. After the eggs are reduced to curds, you will need to "firmly tap" your skillet on the stovetop to create an even base.

Once you've created an unbeatable omelet bed, you can add even more finesse to your morning meal by adding high-quality fillings. You can try The New York Times' recommendation and top your omelet with spinach and parmesan or you can follow Eat Well 101's recipe and sprinkle mushrooms and chives into your eggs. Then, thanks to it being perfectly even, you will be able to easily fold your omelet before serving a breakfast that will delight you with its looks and taste.