The Easy Way To Give Your Sausage Gravy A Taste Of Fall

Fall is officially here, and there are countless ways to celebrate the coziest time of year. Of course, you can fill your house with festive autumn wreaths and multi-colored pumpkins. And you may be one of the many autumn lovers helping Starbucks break sales records by ordering as many pumpkin spice lattes as your tastebuds can take (per Entrepreneur). But cooking fall-themed recipes is another great way to get into the proper autumn spirit.

Although you can whip up dishes that were made for the season, like decadent pumpkin-flavored cookies or delicious apple cider, you can also deck out your favorite recipes in fall's most iconic flavors. And what better meal to give a fall makeover than sausage gravy?

A warm comfort meal, sausage gravy over freshly baked biscuits is already a winning option for a fall breakfast. But there is a way you can make this Southern classic burst with one of autumn's most iconic flavors.

Maple sausage gravy might be your new favorite fall dish

While it may not have a cult following like pumpkin spice, maple is still one of fall's most popular flavors. After all, this rich syrup tastes the way watching leaves fall feels. Taste of Home notes that it makes the perfect ingredient to give your sausage gravy an upgrade for autumn.

To whip up maple sausage gravy, Taste of Home reports you will need to switch out regular sausage for maple pork sausage and add maple syrup to your recipe's usual ingredient list. Aside from these fall-influenced touches, you'll go about preparing your sausage gravy as you normally would.

However, for even more fall flavor, you can try pouring your maple sausage gravy on biscuits tinged with the taste of pumpkin. Much like maple sausage gravy, Recipe Girl states baking pumpkin biscuits just means you'll be throwing a few extra fall flavors into your usual biscuit dough. Just be sure to add your brown sugar in with your dry ingredients and mix your unsweetened pumpkin puree with your buttercream before pouring it over to form your dough. Then, pairing these two dishes together, you'll find yourself in fall biscuit and gravy heaven.