Oreo Is Bringing Back A Fan-Favorite Mashup Flavor

In 1912, the Oreo cookie was invented in Manhattan (via Oreo). For over a century since then, the cookie brand has been enjoyed by people all over the world, and roughly 40 billion cookies are created every year. Oreo is no stranger to seasonal flavors. The cookie company frequently releases new, limited-edition flavors, including Pumpkin Spice, Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, and more. The company has even collaborated with celebrities and brands — like Lady Gaga and Pokémon — to bring fans unique, fun cookies.

Although the inventor of the brookie remains unknown, the mashup dessert has wedged its way into popularity in the last few years (via Medium). The brownie-cookie dough flavors combine two much-loved desserts into one, perfect for when you just can't decide what you're craving. If you aren't sure you want a full brookie but are still craving the flavor, Oreo might have the perfect solution for you.

The return of a limited-edition flavor

Oreo announced the return of its Brookie-O flavor via Instagram. It was originally released as a limited-edition flavor back in January 2021 but is now being re-released thanks to popular demand. Each 13.2-ounce package comes packed with 20 cookies, and every cookie features the classic chocolate cookie exterior, but the twist is the three different frosting flavors inside. The layers are flavored like brownie batter, cookie dough, and of course, the original Oreo frosting, which The Impulsive Buy notes is the perfect neutral flavor companion to the other two rich, chocolatey flavors.

On its Instagram, Oreo recommends baking the Brookie-O cookies into your sweet treats — perhaps in between layers of brownie and cookie dough, to add them to their namesake – dunking them into some milk, or just enjoying them on their own. Oreo's Brookie-O flavored cookies are now available nationwide in grocery stores and can be located on the Oreo website.