What Makes LA's New Civil Coffee Location The First Of Its Kind

Civil Coffee's Alex and Alan Morales started off selling coffee from the back of a red pick up truck. But after roaming Southern California for three years selling brews from their mobile coffee bar, the two Los Angeles natives found Civil Coffee's permanent home in Highland Park, a neighborhood in northeast L.A., in 2015 (via Chicago Tribune). There, they created what TimeOut describes as an Instagram-friendly vibe with patterned floors, building their reputation by serving two SoCal necessities: Good coffee and burritos (via Civil Coffee).

Perhaps "good" is an understatement. With their rotating list of obscure, single-origin beans and roasters, per Chicago Tribune, Civil is widely considered home to some of the best drip coffee and espresso drinks you can get in east L.A. — so it was only natural that it grew. In May 2022, Civil Coffee made it's way to the heart of the city and opened up a second location downtown (via DTLA Weekly). Now, just months later, they're set to open another, first of it's kind location just over the Hollywood Hills in Studio City (via Eater).

An operable storefront inspired by Mexico City

Despite being their third location, Civil Coffee in Studio City is unlike any of Civil's other cafes. With approval from the Los Angeles Health Department, Civil Coffee's Studio City location is the city's first-ever coffee bar and kitchen with an operable storefront (via Eater). So, while the floor to ceiling glass may seem like windows, they're actually mobile and can slide to offer an indoor outdoor feel.

Inspired by the open-air cafes in Mexico City, the first of it's kind Civil Coffee location isn't just for looks. Not only will they be bringing their daily specialty coffees, espresso drinks, and Sugar Bloom Bakery pastries with them, but Chef Mezraim Llanez of ER Bar and Chicas Tacos is coming too. In the small kitchen, they'll be offering breakfast burritos, sandwiches, and other grab-and-go items. Additionally, the Studio City menu will feature a couple exclusive drinks: A matcha tonic and a Vanilla Oaty (per Eater).