The Ingredient That Will Change Your Crispy Chicken Quesadillas Forever

If you're a fan of quesadillas, then you already know that the Mexican-inspired stacks of melty cheese and warm tortillas are pretty much the Latin American equivalent of a comforting grilled cheese sandwich. Featuring corn or flour tortillas stuffed with cheese and then griddled until piping hot, quesadillas are a great base for all toppings and add-ons, from shredded lettuce to sour cream to guacamole and more.

Tasting Table's recipe developer Kate Shungu knows a thing or two about loaded quesadillas, as evidenced by her crispy chicken quesadilla recipe. In this case, the word "crispy" refers not to the chicken used but to the texture the stacked 'dillas take once they're griddled with (one of) Shungu's secret ingredients: mayonnaise. Stuffed with shredded cheese, chopped cooked chicken, and black beans, the small, snackable quesadillas are built between two flour tortillas and feature another delectable ingredient that sets them apart from the pack.

Mashed sweet potato adds sweetness and richness to these quesadillas

If you love sweet potatoes, you're not alone: Here at Tasting Table, we're fans of the sugary tuber as well, featuring it in recipes as varied as parmesan sweet potato stacks to sweet potato casserole with bacon to simple sweet potato pie. Sweet potatoes play an essential role in Tasting Table recipe developer Kate Shungu's recipe for crispy chicken quesadillas. These delicious quesadillas consist of small, four-inch flour tortillas stuffed to the brim with a shredded Mexican cheese blend, chopped cooked chicken, rinsed, canned black beans, and chopped cilantro.

What's unique about this recipe is that it features a layer of sweet potato that's been microwaved, peeled, and then mashed with cumin and chili powder — an unusual touch that Shungu says "adds a hint of sweetness." Plus, the smooth, soft texture contrasts with the delightful crispiness of the quesadillas once they're swiped with mayonnaise and griddled. Shungu suggests serving the dish with pico de gallo, guacamole, or both, for a Mexican-inspired snack that will leave you wanting more.