How A Dirty Grill Can Ruin Steak

Steak is one of the most wonderful pleasures for a carnivore. According to Insider, beef reigns supreme in the United States when it comes to meat. We love hamburgers, steak, and everything in between. To this end, in 2020, sales of this protein swelled to $30.3 billion. But juicy, flavorful meat, grilled to perfection, is truly an art that's not always easy to get right. This is especially true because there isn't a one size fits all cooking method when you cook steak. In fact, different cuts of steak require different grilling methods that take into account a steak's thickness and cooking time. 

But once you get past which cooking method to employ, plenty of other culinary hazards can sabotage your steak. However, if your goal is to cook the perfect steak every time there are some things you might want to take note of. Per Taste of Home, from starting with a cold piece of beef to being shy with the salt to forgoing a cooking thermometer, plenty of stealthy pitfalls can wreak havoc on your steak. But the one that you probably never saw coming is a dirty grill.

A clean grill prevents steak from tearing

Taste of Home shares that if you aren't cleaning your grill before you fire it up, you are ruining your steak before it ever hits the grates. How so, you ask? The cooking site explains that when you have dirty grates, your steak is at greater risk of getting stuck and tearing when you flip it. This is a true shame because when you are trying to achieve that beautiful coveted crust on your steak, having it get stuck is anything but perfect or beautiful.

But never fear; there is an easy way to ensure your steak doesn't run into this mishap simply by cleaning your grill. How often do you need to clean your grill? According to Food & Wine, you want to do this after each use, which means no matter how late that backyard cookout goes, cleaning the grill should be a priority. The most effective time to clean your grill is to strike while it's hot. The cooking outlet recommends using a metal scraper and a brush to remove any grilled food bits and residue left behind by your meal. For the final step, take a paper towel dipped in a bit of oil, like canola, and rub it all over the grates with a pair of tongs. This will help eliminate any potential sticking the next time you throw your favorite steaks on the grill.