Ina Garten's Easy Method For Cooking Kielbasa

Meaty, garlicky goodness sums up what a bite of smoky kielbasa tastes like. But, if you thought that the Polish sausage couldn't get any better, think again. The Barefoot Contessa strikes again, offering up an easy (and insanely aesthetic) method for cooking up kielbasa.

Since kielbasa is actually an umbrella term for all Polish sausages, Nolchek's Meats explains that the U-shaped link can range in size, type of meat (mainly pork), seasoning, and preparation style (fresh, smoked, or dried). However, unlike traditional Polish recipes where kielbasa is fried with sauerkraut or tossed into a hearty stew, Ina Garten has unveiled a new way to revamp the humble sausage link.

With a flair for concocting elegant yet earthy recipes, Epicurious reports that the Barefoot Contessa relies on quality ingredients presented in fresh and unique ways to help make even the simplest of recipes shine, something that can be true of her latest dish, featuring kielbasa.

Hasselback your kielbasa

Inspired by Sam Sifton's barely-there recipe for Hasselback kielbasa, Ina Garten took to Instagram offering her take on the dish and revealing it would be one of the many recipes found in her upcoming book, Go-To Dinners.

Given that Hasselback potatoes have undergone a rebirth in recent years, Food52 reports that nearly every food has fallen prey to the technique — but for good reason. Making these uniform, more-than-halfway slices allows for ingredients to be stuffed, improving taste and texture. There's even a stunning visual element that comes with choosing to Hasselback a potato, a zucchini, or even an apple!

That said, what makes Ina Garten's recipe so unique is that after the kielbasa has received the Hasselback treatment, the Barefoot Contessa notes that she glazes the sausage with a mustard and honey mixture before roasting. As the kielbasa cooks, the condiments are able to soak into the sausage, while also ensuring caramelization on the outside of the kielbasa. Our mouths are watering, too.