13 Pumpkin Sweet Treats At Disneyland For 2022, Ranked

Disneyland Resort is kicking off the most festive time of the year with seasonal sweet treats featuring the most iconic flavor of the fall: pumpkin. From cakes and cold brew to cookies and churros, the Disney parks offer a creative selection of pumpkin drinks and desserts that go above and beyond the typical pumpkin-spice latte. Nothing signals fall quite like the aroma of warm spices and the signature bright orange of pumpkins everywhere you turn.

From September to early November, visitors flock to Anaheim for Disneyland's Oogie Boogie Bash and other Halloween festivities that transform the beloved parks, resorts, and Downtown Disney District into a spooky wonderland. With new pumpkin-inspired treats and the return of seasonal fan favorites, there are plenty of festival fall sweets to enjoy as you revel in the Halloween spirit. The reviews are already pouring in as park guests share the pumpkin spice treats that they love, as well as the seasonal sweets that didn't impress. We have sorted through dozens of reviews to rank the top 13 pumpkin sweet treats at Disneyland for 2022 to help you decide what to sample and which ones to skip at Disneyland Resort. 

13. Pumpkin-spice churro

The classic churro is an iconic Disney Parks treat beloved by guests from coast to coast. The new seasonal Pumpkin Spice Churro can be found at the Tomorrowland Churro Cart in Disneyland and the Buena Vista Churro Cart at Disney's California Adventure (DCA) from September 2 through November 10 (via Undercover Tourist). This churro is rolled in pumpkin spice-flavored sugar served with an optional addition of brown-butter cream cheese dipping sauce in Tomorrowland or with a drizzle of cream cheese over at DCA. 

When Disneyland News Today sampled the new churro, the site found "very little pumpkin spice flavor" and tasted more orange than the warm notes of a spiced squash. The reviewers also found the brown-butter dipping sauce to be too sweet when paired with the sugar-coated churro. 

There are other seasonal churros available across the park including a Spicy Chocolate Churro at the Frontierland Churro Cart and Pistachio-Cherry Churro available in New Orleans Square, says Undercover Tourist. However, when it comes to the pumpkin spice version, the flavor was so mild that most guests suggested opting for the original Disney parks churro instead.

12. Pumpkin pie dip

A churro-adjacent seasonal offering, the Pumpkin Pie Dip is also new to this year's fall festivities. Available at the Fantasyland Churro Cart September 2 through November 10 as a churro add-on, this autumnal dip features bold pumpkin flavor and traditional pumpkin pie spices that left reviewers torn (via Undercover Tourist). 

The Disney Food Blog reporter noted "the dip tasted fresh with a slightly sweet pumpkin flavor," while Disneyland News Today found the dip more reminiscent of canned pumpkin. Reviewers also found this dip to have a runnier consistency than other dipping sauce options, but balanced the flavor of the churro without making it overly sweet. Pumpkin fans might adore this festive dip while others may prefer to enjoy their churros plain or try them with a different sauce option. 

For those that do enjoy the bold pumpkin flavor, don't limit yourself to dipping just churros in this seasonal sauce. Pair it with other limited and classic treats such as pretzels, beignets, cookies, and more. 

11. Pumpkin-spiced donuts

The Lamplight Lounge at Disney's California Adventure is home to the new, seasonal pumpkin-spiced donuts. This upscale dining location is well-known for its exceptional donuts available in a variety of flavors throughout the year with unique offerings for different seasons and special events. The Disney Parks Blog describes as "warm, fluffy donuts tossed in pumpkin-spiced sugar" and served with orange cream cheese dip and hot-buttered rum sauces on the side. Despite a mouth-watering description, reviewers don't seem to have much to say yet about this new addition to Disney's line-up of pumpkin spice treats.  

The base donut has received plenty of rave reviews and consistently enjoys high marks with each variety such as the cookies and cream donut flavor featured at the 2022 Disney's California Adventure Food and Wine Festival. Based on reviews from previous donut offerings at the Lamplight Lounge, we expect that these festive donuts are equally delicious, but the jury seems to still be out at the moment. If you want to sample these seasonal, pumpkin-spiced donuts for yourself, they are available during lunch and dinner hours in the Lamplight Lounge at Disney's California Adventure from September 2 through November 10.

10. Pumpkin spice funnel cake

Stop by the Stage Door Café between September 2 and November 10 to try the latest iteration of Disneyland's Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake (via Disney Parks Blog). Described on the Stage Door Café menu as a "pumpkin spice-dusted" funnel cake topped with a drizzle of spiced caramel, toffee bits, whipped cream, and chocolate curls, you can expect that this massive funnel cake is bursting with flavor and texture. 

However, not everyone seems to love this version of the fall favorite. There's a lot going on with this funnel cake treat finished with dollops of whipped cream in the signature Mickey shape. Disneyland News Today reports, "The pumpkin spice is barely noticeable, except when concentrated in one area." Some enjoyed the contrast of the crisp fried dough with the chewy toffee bits, airy whipped cream, and syrupy pumpkin drizzle, while others were overwhelmed by the amount of textures, as well as the size and sweetness of this seasonal dessert. 

9. Pumpkin bundt cake

The Pumpkin Bundt Cake available from September 2 through November 10 at the Pacific Wharf Cappuccino Cart in Disney's California Adventure is a creative new offering for this Halloween season (via Undercover Tourist). The Disney Parks Blog describes the seasonal treat as two pieces of pumpkin-flavored cake with dulce de leche and cream cheese frosting in the middle, then topped with a chocolate stem and green, mousse leaf. This adorable treat transforms an average pumpkin into an elegant dessert (Cinderella vibes, anyone?). 

Although some reviewers were disappointed with the in-person appearance of this festive treat, Disney Food Blog loved the colorful presentation and bold flavor of the pumpkin-shaped dessert. When Down the Hatch Food Reviews sampled the cake, they described it as tasting "like pumpkin pie" and gave it a score of 4 out of 5. Most reviewers enjoyed the soft texture of the bundt cake, as well as the balance of pumpkin flavor with the sweetness of the dulce de leche and cream cheese frosting. However, they were left wishing for more frosting in the middle of the cake and felt, overall, it was quite small for the price.

8. Pumpkin down float

Located in the heart of the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort, Ballast Point Brewery is also celebrating the season with the Pumpkin Down Float, which will be available starting October 1 until they're all gone. Since the float has not yet been released as of publication, we can only speculate on how delicious this boozy pumpkin treat will be. 

The Pumpkin Down beer has been a seasonal staple at Ballast Point for a number of years and has grown a substantial fan base. The beer float is described as Scottish ale with hints of caramel, toffee, and roasted pumpkin topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, pumpkin spice whipped cream, ginger snap crumbs, and a dulce de leche caramel sauce (via Disney Parks Blog). In their review of the Pumpkin Down beer by Ballast Point, Kegerator describes the beverage as a deep, rich ruby color with notes of sweet, vegetal pumpkin, and rich toffee with a kick of pumpkin spice, brown sugar, and dark fruit for a well-rounded sip reminiscent of pumpkin bread. 

Many Beer Advocate reviewers rated the Pumpkin Down beer as an above-average seasonal beer with festive flavors, a pleasant mouthfeel, and high drinkability. Based on the overall positive reception of the beer that will serve as the base of this decadent pumpkin treat, we anticipate that the malty bread notes will blend well with the smooth vanilla ice cream and punch of flavor and texture from the ginger snap crumbs.

7. Classic pumpkin pie

Before pumpkin spice lattes and the myriad of festive interpretations incorporating the signature combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, there was the original dessert that inspired this iconic spice blend. From September 2 through November 30, the Plaza Inn at Disneyland Park honors an American holiday tradition with its Classic Pumpkin Pie (via Disney Parks Blog).  

The simplicity and familiarity of this mini-pie brings all the comfort you would expect from a festive autumn dessert. It may not be new or flashy, but this time-honored, single-serving offering returns as a standby pumpkin treat that never disappoints (via Disneyland News Today). Fans of traditional fall flavors can't go wrong with a dessert that tastes like being home for the holidays. The Disney version features creamy pumpkin filling and buttery crust topped with an aromatic dollop of spiced whipped cream finished with a decorative, plaid, white chocolate square complete with little Mickey Mouse symbols for a signature look.

6. Pumpkin-spiced horchata cold brew

There are a lot of festivities happening at Disney parks for the fall season, including Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, Thanksgiving, and Hispanic Heritage Month. Part of the seasonal celebrations is the Pumpkin-Spiced Horchata Cold Brew, available non-alcoholic or with Irish whiskey blends, which is a creamy rice drink iconic of Latin cuisine. Refreshing horchata is perfect for balmy days in Southern California and complements the spicy, savory offerings that can be found throughout the parks, especially during the spooky season where you can find plenty of fiery Latin flavors and haunting dishes spiced with ghost peppers. 

Creamy horchata with bold cold brew and a sprinkle of pumpkin spice is available September 2 through November 10 at Joffrey's and the Pacific Wharf Cappuccino Cart in Disney's California Adventure. This coffee drink was well received by most reviewers. YouTuber MrCheezyPop loved this unique cold brew calling it "perfectly pumpkin spiced." 

However, Disneyland News Today was not as impressed, finding the coffee and pumpkin spice flavors to be lacking, while the horchata is "too creamy for its own good and oddly sweet." Although there were differing opinions on the non-alcoholic version of the Pumpkin-Spiced Horchata Cold Brew, the addition of Irish whiskey in coffee mixed with creamy horchata into an all-around crowd pleaser.

5. Pumpkin pie hard float

There's an innovative new pumpkin treat available for adults over 21 at Clarabelle's Hand-Scooped Ice Cream this fall. From September 2 through November 10, visit this Disney's California Adventure sweet shop for a Pumpkin Pie Hard Float featuring hard pumpkin chai cider and vanilla ice cream topped with a spiced pie crust cookie (via Undercover Tourist). For those in search of other fun fall flavors, Clarabelle's is also offering a boozy Hard Apple Float throughout the season, says Undercover Tourist. Disney guests have been loving this autumnal beverage with its cozy fall vibes. 

The Disney Food Blog described the Pumpkin Pie Hard Float as "smooth and balanced, with a great punch of spice." Other reviewers, such as MrCheezyPop, loved the beautiful orange color and thought the pumpkin-shaped pie crust cookie with orange sugar sprinkles was a smart touch to this festive drink. Although guests, so far, are adoring the pumpkin chai cider base, some felt that the drink overall was very good but too rich and decadent, especially on a hot day.  

4. Pumpkin-spiced Mickey-shaped beignets

Mickey-shaped treats are a must when visiting the Disney Parks. From the signature Mickey ice cream bars to mouse-eared waffles, these special items have become so iconic to the Disney experience that the Travel Channel even put together a guide of how to eat an entire day's worth of Mickey-shaped foods. The Mint Julep Bar, located in New Orleans Square inside the Disneyland Park, is giving its beloved Mickey-shaped beignets a seasonal twist by rolling the beignet in pumpkin-spiced sugar. 

Available September 2 through November 10 in packs of three or six, the powdery, fried dough comes in the classic paper bag for an authentic New Orleans feel (via Disney Parks Blog). We recommend adding the Caramel-Coffee Dipping Sauce for a truly indulgent experience. Magic Journeys was thrilled to sample these pumpkin-spiced treats with the spice-forward flavor and subtle hint of pumpkin. Of course, the original Mickey-shaped beignets are a fan favorite, but the pumpkin-spiced version gives these sugar-coated treats an extra-special seasonal touch.

3. Pumpkin muffin

Start your day with a sweet pumpkin treat at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe in Disneyland Park. An excellent option for a breakfast, snack, or dessert, the pumpkin muffin is soft and moist with a crisp top, mild pumpkin flavor, and is finished with a swirl of cream cheese frosting. Disneyland News Today describes this Jolly Holiday treat as "baked perfectly." 

This seasonal muffin has been returning each year to welcome the fall and Halloween festivities at Disneyland, building its reputation as a tried and true pumpkin treat. This muffin typically arrives in late summer or early fall and remains available throughout the year's end. While you're at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, check out the pastry case for other seasonal sweets like the Mickey Mummy Macaron, Mickey Bat Cookie, and, of course, the pumpkin cheesecake. Along with pastries and sweets, you can also grab a coffee or savory bite at this charming location.

2. Pumpkin cheesecake

Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe has some of the best treats you can get in the Disney parks, and throughout the spooky season, this location has several Halloween-inspired sweets that are well worth a try. The Pumpkin Cheesecake, available from September 2 through November 10, has already been receiving praise from guests in the few weeks it has been available (via Disney Food Blog). The Disney Parks Blog describes this decadent treat as a take on a classic pumpkin cheesecake that is decorated with a chocolate spider web and spiced Chantilly cream.

This seasonal cheesecake is a practically perfect autumn dessert with a crumbly graham cracker crust and a hint of chocolate from the spider web, although, the Chantilly cream does obscure the web design a bit. MrCheezyPop adored this delicious dessert for its classic cheesecake feel and pumpkin-forward flavor. For a creamy fall treat that encapsulates the signature flavors of the cooler months, indulge in this delightfully festive dessert from Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe.

1. Pumpkin cheesecake macarons

In addition to the Downtown Disney District confectionary's year round line-up, the festive macarons at Kayla's Cake continue to hold the crown for seasonal crowd favorites from the spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate to the romantic Rose Champagne Heart. The Pumpkin Cheesecake Macaron is no exception with its perfect texture and bold flavor. The soft cookie with its creamy, white chocolate pumpkin ganache filling is quickly becoming a favorite, new flavor for Disney fans, described by Mickeys_Treats as "scary good." 

The confections at Kayla's Cake, including the buttercream and ganache fillings, are made from scratch, combining classic techniques with traditional and innovative premium ingredients to create a fresh twist on familiar desserts. Kayla's Cake is home to fun and festive sweets with a variety of seasonal and creative new flavors that rotate throughout the year. 

You don't even have to purchase a park ticket to sample these delicious pumpkin treats thanks to the shop's Downtown Disney location and nationwide shipping. Boxes are available in selections from six to 48 macarons for delivery and can be ordered a la carte on location in Anaheim and Fullerton, CA. The Pumpkin Cheesecake Macaron and the adorable cookie dough Mummy Macaron are only available during the Halloween season from September 2 through October 31 (via Disney Parks Blog). Don't miss these fun and festive pumpkin treats!