What To Do If Your Cake Won't Come Out Of The Bundt Pan

A moist treat with a decadent glaze, not many people say "no" when offered a Bundt cake. However, although some may be partial to buying Bundt cakes from a bakery, a few at-home chefs may find that they want to try making a Blondie Bundt Cake recipe in their own kitchen.

But for all its great taste, Bundt cakes are not as simple to throw together as other basic baked goods. In particular, chefs must be wary of how their Bundt cake pan affects their dessert. For example, Bake and Break notes that you need to ensure your pan has the correct design for the type of glaze you want to use on your cake. And Martha Stewart states that you should be careful that the baking tool is not causing your cake's bottom to come out in a "domed" shape. But one of the most frustrating Bundt cake pan problems is realizing that your freshly-baked cake just won't come out of the pan. However, you can still free your cake without damaging it by trying this simple trick.

Smack your Bundt cake pan

The concept of smacking your Bundt cake pan might seem like a sure way to potentially ruin the dessert you worked so hard on. However, Reader's Digest states that if you have already made certain that your cake has cooled properly, hitting your pan is an effective last resort. According to the outlet, to get your cake out, put down a dish towel for it to land on before smacking the pan. Reader's Digest notes that you'll want to hit your pan with just enough force to make the cake come out. If that trick doesn't release your cake from the Bundt pan, the outlet suggests leaving the cake upside down on the dish towel. Eventually, it will slip its way out.

And while Reader's Digest noted that some Bundt cakes with thicker add-ins like fruit are prone to getting stuck, there are a few steps you can take to prevent your Bundt cake from sticking to the pan again. While you coat your pan with a mixture of oil, flour, and shortening, Kitchn states that your Bundt cake will also come out with ease if you douse its pan in flour and butter.