A Unique Way To Liven Up Leftover Fried Rice For Breakfast

We all know (and have likely tried) the usual U.S. breakfast staples. For example, pancakes, eggs, and bacon are a given for a sweet and lazy Sunday morning (via Food For Net). Oatmeal and yogurt can help you to start your day by loading up with countless nutrients. But if you're hoping to try out a breakfast option with a bit of oomph, you don't need to look any further than your leftover fried rice.

Because whether you made the dish at home or ordered it out, you can do much more with the leftover fried rice in your fridge than just reheating it for a quick lunch. And while there is plenty of ways to make delicious new dishes with your remaining rice — like tossing it into a burrito or even whipping up some fried rice fritters — your leftovers are the key to throwing together a unique breakfast that will leave any savory craving satisfied. With your leftover fried rice, you can finally ditch chocolate chip pancakes and make a steaming serving of fried rice waffles (per The Kitchn).

Take fried rice to the next level in waffle form

There are two different approaches to baking this savory breakfast. According to The Kitchn, you have the option of making your fried rice waffles with nothing more than your leftover fried rice and a waffle iron. If you choose this method, the outlet states that after heating the waffle iron, you should use a small bowl to pour your fried rice into the machine. Then you need to even out your fried rice leftovers with a spoon before firmly pressing the waffle iron down. After four minutes, you should be able to take your fried rice waffle off the heat and repeat the same process with the rest of your leftovers.

Authentic Royal, however, reports you can also make fried rice waffles by combining your leftovers with soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, eggs, and sugar before pouring them into the waffle iron. If you choose this route, you won't have to be as focused on patting down the rice as the mixture will be more liquid-based.

But no matter how you whip up a helping of fried rice waffles, Authentic Royal and The Kitchn recommend adding extra toppings to the treat. In particular, fried eggs, chives, and sriracha sauce are the finishing touches that will complete this leftover fried rice breakfast.