The Real Difference Between Bananas And Baby Bananas

Did you know there are more than 1,000 varieties of bananas grown across the world? Ranging in colors from black to blue to yellow and flavors from sweet to tart, bananas can be found in different sizes, hues, and tastes (via PBS).

Blue Java bananas, also known as the "Ice Cream" banana, originated in Southeast Asia, according to Minneopa Orchards. Before fully ripening, the banana peel exhibits a blue-green peel. Once ripened, the hues settle to a more iconic banana-yellow color. Inside, the flesh is white in color and has a sweet, creamy taste. Most people taste a vanilla flavor, giving it the nickname "Ice Cream" banana. Some people, however, taste a more fruity flavor, likening it to an apple or berry.

Burro bananas, meanwhile, seem to have an opposite flavor profile to the Blue Java, tasting lemony, even when ripened, with a peel is similar to a regular banana with green and black spots (via Produce Market Guide).

The cavendish is the banana you're probably more familiar with. The classic grocery store banana has been popular for its versatility and flavor for decades, making it a reigning snack and ingredient in the fruit world.

With so many varieties of this fruit, it is no surprise there is a mini version available. But, does the baby banana hold up against a classic cavendish?

What are baby bananas?

Baby bananas, also known by the name "Lady Fingers," are the smallest type of bananas. They are primarily grown in Central and South America and taste similar to a cavendish but with a sweeter flavor and a smoother, creamier texture. They also appear visually similar with a pink hue in the bright yellow skin (via Dole).

You can enjoy a baby banana on its own. It is the perfect size for a small snack or to enjoy on the go. It can also be paired with a meal or added as an ingredient. The sweet, sugary taste makes it the perfect addition to sweeten up smoothies, top oatmeals, or add into fruit salads. The creamy texture is also useful for baking. When added into cakes, breads, or ice cream, it can give the final product a silky texture.

Baby bananas are also a guilt-free treat: They have high levels of potassium and vitamin C, and around 2 grams of dietary fiber, making it great for your digestive tract (via Nutritionix).

Give these mini-bananas a try and they may become your next grocery store staple.