How Alton Brown's New Partnership Highlights A Lesser-Known Passion

Renowned chef, TV personality, and cookbook author Alton Brown is embarking on a new adventure in his career. His latest endeavor might sound nothing like the projects he's most famous for, however, it encompasses a passion that has greatly impacted his lifestyle: nutrition.

Brown's health journey has been well documented, as he shared his struggles with nutrition and body image with the public — including how the Food Network host lost 50 pounds by fueling himself with nutritious ingredients, exercising regularly, and eating a balanced diet (via Best Self Atlanta). As an advocate for enjoying every meal to the fullest while focusing on nutrition-dense foods (for example, Brown adds dates to his chocolate shakes to give them a vitamin boost), it's only fitting that his next business chapter encompasses the two. 

So what's Brown's new gig? According to a press release, the TV host will serve as a brand ambassador for cognitive health supplement company Neuriva starting this month.

Alton Brown is focusing on his brain health

A champion in the kitchen and when it comes to healthy habits, Alton Brown is the ambassador for Neuriva's Think Bigger campaign. Already starring in a series of commercials for the brand, Brown brings his signature wit and relatability to the campaign. The ads focus on the end result promised by the health supplements: For example, Brown's "Becoming a morning person" ad explains how the combination of ingredients in Neuriva's supplements Sleep and Relax & Sleep can lead to a better night's rest. Another commercial aired with Brown is the "Most important kitchen tool," which highlights the product Neuriva Plus and leans heavily on Brown's food geek persona. 

In the press release, Brown shared his reason for partnering with the supplement brand, "I recently turned 60, and over the past couple of decades, I've been very focused on taking care of my health from the inside out — first, with my food, and now, taking action to support my brain health." This tracks with previous statements Brown has made on brain health, tweeting one of his infamous "Culinary Truths" in 2021, "The most important tool in the kitchen is your brain. Use it."