Holy Grail Steak Co. Is Now Offering Fans Specialty Cut Subscription Boxes

It seems that most Americans agree that having groceries sent straight to your door is an easy and convenient dinner plan. In fact, according to Forbes, the last two years saw a huge amount of shoppers deciding to forego in-person grocery runs for ordering food online.

Of course, the likes of DoorDash and Uber Eats allow you to have easy access to groceries from your local stores. However, many companies have pleased their regular costumers by cutting out the delivery middleman and saving them money at the same time with subscription services. For example, chocolate lovers can subscribe to Oreo's cookie subscription on Amazon for a box of goodies each month. Meanwhile, Julibox's delivery program provides subscribers with a box of liquor and mixers for two different cocktails. And now, according to a press release, Holy Grail Steak Co. is officially offering a monthly specialty cuts program for meat lovers everywhere.

Here's how to get Holy Grail Steak Co. cuts every month without ever leaving home

Holy Grail Steak Co. revealed in a press release that avid fans of its wide selection of gourmet meats now have the option of signing up for Holy Grail Subscriptions. While the company is far from the first to offer a meat subscription service (Omaha Steaks and ButcherBox Steaks have sold subscription boxes for some time), as a business that sells upscale cuts, it is certainly one of the brands offering the highest quality meats.

According to its website, the company currently offers nine different packages with prices ranging from $200.25 to $711.11. You can choose to have any of the subscription boxes, which include assortments of popular steak cuts like ribeyes and strips, sent to your home "every one, two, or three months." In the past, Holy Grail Co. only offered delivery for its individual steak flights and the company's co-founder, Michael Coggins, reported that the brand hopes the new subscription service "will provide a much smoother, more convenient purchasing experience for our loyal customers."