This Might Be The Easiest Way To Save Dry Meatballs

While spaghetti without meatballs is like Christmas without Christmas trees, these small balls of protein are too delicious to restrict to one dish. And there are plenty of ways to make a delectable meatball dinner without pasta. For example, some chefs like to combine the world of casserole with the realm of meatballs by baking up a gooey cheese and meatball casserole feast, as shown by Kitchn. Meanwhile, other meatball enthusiasts have taken to turning the classic dish into a grill-ready food with a barbecue meatball recipe. But although this dish can be cooked up in just about any savory way you can imagine, the meal will always only be as good as the quality of the meatballs that build it.

And while some people may claim that the key to making the perfect meatballs lies in the quality of the meat or how they've been seasoned, many may argue that, like all the best foods in life, a successful batch must be served moist. But if you find that your meatballs have come out bone-dry, you don't need to panic. There is still a way to save your supper.

Steam your dry meatballs

If you find that, after carefully following your Italian meatballs recipe, the end product has no moisture, Food52 reports that you could bring your dry meatballs' flavor to life again by steaming them. The outlet revealed that steaming is a style of cooking known for making the meat in dumplings retain its moisture. Thus, putting your dry meatballs in a steamer will help level up theirs. As TipHero explains, this method works because, like when steaming dumplings, steaming your meatballs subjects them to vaporized air, turning them from dry to juicy.

However, while The Cooking Bar also recommends steaming your meatballs for a fast way to make them moist and prime for eating right away, the outlet did note that any leftovers may still turn dry again when you put them up in the fridge. If you plan on saving your meal for later, The Cooking Bar suggests mixing extra fat into the dish's sauce and allowing it to simmer on the stovetop for a few minutes. This fix takes longer to do but will make certain that any meatballs you store will be juicy for the long run.