The Classic Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavors You Can't Buy In Stores

Known for its wild and wacky flavors, Ben & Jerry's has become a worldwide ice cream brand after its humble beginnings in 1978. Opening up shop in Burlington, Vermont in a renovated gas station, the company has been striving since the '80s to be shocking by creating the world's largest sundae in 1983 or by debuting their cowmobile, a renovated mobile home, which was used to give out free scoops of ice cream around the United States (perĀ Ben & Jerry's). Given these beginnings, it comes as no surprise that Ben & Jerry's flavors and collaborations have gotten even more eccentric over time.

Although many of their flavors can be found in their various scoop shops as well as packaged, there are some differences between the flavors offered. What's interesting to note is while this ice cream company is known for its wild flavors, in its scoop shops they offer a few more classic flavors. Besides vanilla, however, other classic flavors cannot be purchased by the pint. Some may find these flavors boring with so many other exciting options, others prefer the nostalgia they bring. Curious about which classic flavors you can find only in shops?

Classic flavors only found in the scoop shops

Currently, there are sixteen flavors that are available in scoop shops that cannot be purchased by the pint. While most wouldn't consider most Ben & Jerry's flavors "classic," in their scoop shops you can find chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan, sweet cream and cookies, and mint chocolate chunk. If you ask us, this doesn't sound like Ben & Jerry's. Maybe they have these flavors available at their scoop shops to appease the masses? Even though it seems people love their funky flavors. One may wonder why only out of the classic flavors why only vanilla has made it to become a packaged pint.

Should you wish to see how these classic ice cream flavors stack up to those of other brands, you'll have to head to the nearest scoop shop. In addition, you can try out the 11 other flavors only available in stores. Change is Brewing, Coconut Seven-layer Bar, and Marshmallow Sky are a few of the exclusive flavors available only by the scoop alongside two sunflower butter ice creams and two sorbets. While we do not know if these flavors will remain only available in the scoop shops or eventually get produced for retail sale, they sound like they're worth a try. You never know, there is a chance they may even end up in the Ben & Jerry's flavor graveyard before you know it.