The Type Of Chocolate Every Paleo Baker Should Have In Their Pantry

A diet that challenges its followers to only dig into foods that were around before farmers made it on the scene, paleo offers many benefits (per Mayo Clinic). For example, its approach to eating has been shown to help dieters balance out their blood pressure and get better in tune with their hunger cues. But while paleo's golden rule seems to be that simple is best, that doesn't mean a paleo diet can't be filled with flavor.

And while you can get a paleo-friendly fast food fix from Shake Shack by ordering their Modified Avocado Bacon Burger, the most delicious cooking often happens in dieters' kitchens. In fact, many practicers love to bake cupcakes with diet-safe buttercream (via Paleo Running Momma) or have taken to prepping the perfect bagels for breakfast (per Gluten Free on a Shoestring). But there is a sweet treat that dieters may not realize can make for another paleo-friendly baking ingredient.

Dark chocolate will sweeten up your paleo diet

If any paleo dieters miss chowing down on chocolate cake, we have some very exciting news. Kitchn reported you could bake up paleo-safe treats with unsweetened chocolate. As the outlet notes, the golden rule for eating this treat while following the diet is the darker, the better. Therefore, Kitchn recommends that paleo dieters use natural cocoa powder or a type of unsweetened baking chocolate to satisfy their sweet tooth. However, the website also noted that using dark chocolate bars made mostly of cacao can also help you bake up some paleo-friendly chocolate chip cookies.

But to be completely sure that your dark chocolate bar fits into your diet, Bar & Cocoa suggests choosing one that is more than 70% cocoa. The outlet explained that bars with this amount of cocoa wouldn't have as many processed ingredients as their less-cocoa-filled counterparts. Once you've gotten the hang of identifying which chocolate brands won't ruin your diet, you'll be able to bake up the delicious treats your paleo meal plan has been missing.