How To Order Starbucks' Drinks With The Right Level Of Sweetness

With 32,660 locations worldwide, Starbucks has dominated the global coffee chain industry. And while the coffee giant does sell a good old-fashioned cup of joe, its decadent, sugar-filled drinks account for the majority of its success. In fact, recently, most of Starbucks' sales have been fueled by customers who love its coldest and sweetest beverages.

But although Starbucks' gourmet coffee sounds delicious, you may find that its signature Frappuccinos and lattes are just too sweet to finish. However, if you can't seem to take the coffee chain's sweet levels, don't feel bad. According to Starbucks' website, a grande mocha frappe clocks in at 51 grams of sugar — Healthline suggests people consume no more than 27-38 grams of added sugar (as opposed to natural sugar) in a day, so it's no doubt that a lot of Starbucks drinks pack a ridiculously sweet punch. But that doesn't mean you have to start skipping out on grabbing a treat from the iconic brand. In fact, a page on the Starbucks Singapore website revealed that there is a way to order one of the chain's beloved specialty drinks without as intense of a sugar rush.

Ask your barista for a less sweet latte

According to Starbucks Singapore, customizing your drinks' sweetness level is as easy as switching out whole milk for oat milk. The chain noted you can ask your barista to make your coffee "less sweet" or (if you really don't care for the taste of sugar) "not sweet" at all. Your barista should then be able to whip up any popular Starbucks drink with a sugar level that doesn't overwhelm your tastebuds.

If you're wondering whether this trick will also work in America, an employee for the company in the U.S. confirmed on Reddit that you can take the same approach to order a less sugary drink in the States. However, the Starbucks worker did note that when asking for a less sweet drink in the U.S. that your barista will more than likely want to know how less sweet you want it. This means they will ask you how many pumps of syrup you'd like in your coffee or tea.

While you can ask them how many pumps of syrup a drink usually comes with to gauge how much you'd like in your order, there is a simpler way to take the extra sugar out of your drink. Another employee on the Reddit post pointed out that you can ask for "half-sweet," where a barista puts half of the syrup they normally would in a drink, which is an easy way to make sure your coffee will taste more like coffee than candy.