The Only Place On Earth That Produces Genuine Moose Cheese

How far would you travel for cheese?

There are a lot of unique cheeses out there and even the most dedicated of cheese connoisseurs would have a hard time tasting them all. This is because many cheeses are only available in certain countries or regions around the world. For example, the powdered parmesan you grab off the shelf in your local Walmart is not actually parmesan. According to The Washington Post, there are only 330 dairies that produce true Parmigiano-Reggiano and strict specifications have to be met.

Similarly, Brie Noir, a darker version of Brie that is aged up to two years, can also only be found in a small European region. Seine-et-Marne in France is the home to Brie's bitter cousin — and it's nearly impossible to get elsewhere.

But, what if there was a cheese that was not only found in a single region, but a single farm? Well, when it comes to moose cheese, that's the case: A farm in Sweden is the sole producer of this delicacy.

Trying moose cheese at The Elk House

According to Atlas Obscura, The Elk House, Älgens Hus in Swedish, in Bjurholm, Sweden makes four kinds of cheese from moose milk, including "a soft, white-mold variety similar to Camembert; a creamy blue cheese; a dried blue cheese; and feta," and the rarity of this milk gives the cheese a steep price point. Some varieties can go for as much as $500 per pound — but for the cheese-obsessed, it may be worth it.

Even if splurging on cheese isn't your thing, you can still enjoy a tour of the farm. The farm loves welcoming the public and offers guided tours that allow you to interact with their moose, visit their museum, and view an informational slide show. Their on-site restaurant allows you to sample their fresh, creamy cheeses alongside heartier dishes like moose stew.

If you can't jet off for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can follow their Instagram for adorable baby moose content. You're welcome.