Why You Need To Have A Spoonula In Your Kitchen

There have been many popular kitchen tool mashups over the years that may either leave you feeling genuinely impressed or a little more confused. You may have heard of a spork, but have you heard of a splayd? An Australian company invented this utensil that is a spoon, fork and knife all in one. You may feel this is an unnecessary splurge, but their site claims to have sold "over 5 million pieces worldwide."

And utensils aren't the only kitchen item getting makeovers: Herb scissors, multi-bladed scissors for cutting up your favorite herbs into equal pieces, have been increasing in popularity, and avocado scrapers have also been popular, acting almost as a sharp spatula to remove the last bit of fruit from the peel.

Meanwhile, when it comes to spatulas, you may feel overwhelmed with the endless options on the market. There are icing spatulas, which are thin, elongated versions of the classic spatula that are perfect for getting every last drop of your dessert topping out of the jar and spreading it across whatever tasty treat you're making, and flipper spatulas, which turn over hot food without causing damage to your meal (via Happy DIY Home).

But, there is one version of a spatula that may be the most handy and versatile when it comes to your kitchen needs: the spoonula.

How to use a spoonula

The spoonula, a curved spatula that is part spoon and part spatula, may be a more simple device than the above mentioned. However, it is radically efficient and easy to use.

William Sonoma says their version of the spoonula "excels at scooping, mixing, folding as well as stovetop cooking." Many bakers know the importance of functional yet versatile tools, and the spoonula seems to be a hit. The spatula edges are perfect for scraping around bowls and pans, but the spoon aspect is ideal for serving needs, according to Delighted Cooking.

The Pioneer Woman is also a fan, saying that she enjoys utilizing this tool in a number of ways, including by scraping peanut butter out of a jar and removing grease from a pan, noting that the thinner, curved edges aid in these otherwise more difficult tasks.

If you're someone who loves a two for one deal, or fun tool mashups, the spoonula may be the ultimate new addition to your kitchen.