Can You Pair Any Type Of Noodles With Teriyaki Chicken?

Some people have a bit of a teriyaki obsession. And honestly, we get why you may be tempted to toss this decadent sauce on just about everything.

Hailing from Japan, teriyaki sauce gives A1 sauce a run for its money thanks to its ability to enhance the flavor of your meat (per Spruce Eats). But, while this savory condiment can be used to bake up teriyaki-style salmon or shrimp, it's most well-known for being glazed on chicken.

And, those who love a classic Teriyaki chicken recipe are probably used to enjoying the dish with another core ingredient: rice. But, if you're not the biggest rice fan or gravitate towards the noodle side of carbs, you might want to try an ingredient swap. You may also be wondering if there are any certain noodle rules you need to abide by when combining them with teriyaki chicken. Luckily, if you have any concerns that you might ruin your lunch plans by using the wrong noodles, Insanely Good Recipes will put your mind at ease.

Teriyaki chicken and noodles are a perfect foodie combo

When it comes to preparing delicious teriyaki chicken, no type of noodle is off-limits — which means the noodle world is your oyster, according to Insanely Good Recipes. While you can add in traditional Japanese fair like soba and Yakisoba (per Japan Center), Insanely Good Recipes encourages you to try out noodles beyond the bounds of Japan. For example, the site states using the egg noodles found in Chinese lo mein will also turn your teriyaki chicken into an appetizing dinner.

In fact, when you're figuring out what noodles you should pair with your chicken teriyaki, you don't even have to stay in the realm of Asian cuisine. Bowl Me Over recommends combining the tastes of Italy and Japan by tossing your chicken over spaghetti noodles. So honestly, it seems when it comes to noodles and teriyaki chicken, there really is no wrong way to do things — just be sure to follow our tips for cooking noodles to make your meal as delicious as possible.