Food Shortages In China Have The Government Apologizing

When COVID-19 first became globally widespread in early 2020, supply shortages were popping up left and right. People were racing to get their hands on toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and food supplies any chance they could get. Now, due to a handful of global issues, we are still facing food shortages. Because of a stay-at-home order in Xinjiang, China, citizens are struggling to acquire high-quality foods, and have not been able to acquire the medical attention they needed, according to Bloomberg.

Xinjiang is located in northwest China, according to Britannica. The site states that the region is the country's largest political unit, and it is home to a wide variety of ethnic groups. Parts of China's Xinjiang region have been shut down due to a COVID-19 outbreak for a month, reports Bloomberg, and the Chinese government has now released an apology regarding the living conditions that citizens are facing because of it.

Citizens cannot access crucial supplies

Yili — a northern region of Xinjiang — has faced particular difficulties, per Bloomberg. Distribution of food has reportedly been interrupted, and people in need of medical attention have faced difficulties accessing hospitals. Yining City, which is home to 500,000 people, has been on lockdown since August 11.

During a lockdown in China, residents are not permitted to leave their homes, except for limited shopping times, during which only a limited number of people from each home may leave. Due to the stay-at-home order, food suppliers have reportedly increased prices, and have sold lower quality products in order to make higher profits. Citizens took their complaints to social media, though there were concerns over the information being censored.

Deputy Governor Liu Qinghua of the region acknowledged in a briefing that there had been issues regarding hospital accessibility, medicine availability, and food distribution, Bloomberg reports. Qinghua stated during a briefing that the government apologized for the disruption to citizens' lives, as well as the impact it has had. He also stated that they were working to remedy the situation.