How Absolut Gave Your Favorite Cocktails Unique Personalities

If you've ever heard the phrase "Wine Mom," then you understand how a person's choice of libation can color their personality. There's a reason football fans bring a six-pack (and not a bottle of rosé) to the tailgate. Mob movie stars clutch Old Fashioneds in highball glasses. "The Dude" in the film, "The Big Lebowski," drinks White Russians. It's an unspoken social expectation. But, what if your bar order didn't typecast your personality, after all? Or, if it did, what if those typecast character traits were part of a larger, harmonious barroom landscape? These are the questions that the Absolut vodka brand is asking with its latest campaign.

It's called "The World of Absolut Cocktails. Born to Mix." And it's an imagined universe of personified cocktails with unique personalities and character traits, per The Absolut Company. Not only does each character represent a different cocktail, but they also "align with different backgrounds, adult life stages, and characteristics." The World of Absolut Cocktails (which has been described as Absolut's biggest campaign in over a decade) will be ongoing and will reportedly extend across multiple years. And it's a television show-slash-commercial campaign with a through-narrative about celebrating diversity. Here's what it looks like.

Cheers to diversity

Per The Absolut Company, the goal of its campaign is to illustrate how, although each of the cocktails is individually special, the "night becomes better when mixing personalities together." Let's meet the cast: Cosmopolitan is a chic, artsy trendsetter. Bloody Mary is laid-back and well-liked. Madras livens up the party. Espresso Martini leads the pack on what the "next big thing" is, and Lemonade is fun-loving and playful. Each character is played by a human actor intended to embody these personalities.

From director Rodrigo Saavedra and in partnership with creative agency Ogilvy, The World of Absolut Cocktails is narrated by actor Rami Malek (who you might've seen in "Night at the Museum," Daniel Craig's last James Bond flick, or the Freddie Mercury Biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody," for which he won an Oscar). In addition to television, the show is also available to watch via other various online media platforms, including YouTube. The first episode aired in June and featured, among other personified cocktails, a red-clad Bloody Mary sporting sunglasses.

Pam Forbus, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard North America, says this enterprise is a step in an expressive direction for the vodka brand. Forbus commented that the brand is not only about mixing drinks but mixing people, both of which are meant to be captured by the campaign.