The Easiest Way To Add Extra Flavor To Your Rice

Chances are, there's one food you love served with a side of rice. Perhaps it's beans or chicken, or maybe you just appreciate a good risotto, but the truth is, rice is an incredibly versatile food that is enjoyed by many countries throughout the world. For example, if you're hoping to try your hand at making Chinese stir fry or are attempting to whip up some Nigerian Jollof, you'll find that rice will be the most essential ingredient in both dishes. And although this grain can help you savor multicultural cuisine, it's also a foodie favorite right here in the United States. According to Think Rice, most Americans will devour 27 pounds of the grain in the span of a single year.

However, for those of us in the States, rice is usually prepared in a pretty basic way. Unless you're whipping up a rice-only dish like dirty rice, you might have a habit of just boiling this food staple with no add-ins before tossing some steak and peppers on top of it. While there is nothing wrong with keeping things simple, if you're looking for an effortless way to upgrade your rice's flavor all you need to do is follow one simple tip.

Boil your rice with broth instead of water

According to One Good Thing by Jillee, if you want to bring an extra layer of taste to this beloved basic, you just need to perform one simple ingredient swap. When you get ready to boil your next pot of rice, skip the water and use chicken broth instead. The outlet reports that boiling your rice with chicken broth will cook it just as well as the water would, but gives it a far better taste.

However, if you're not the biggest fan of chicken broth, The Spruce Eats shares that this trick works with other cooking favorites like vegetable broth and beef stock. So long as you use a flavor-filled liquid that your rice will absorb while cooking, you'll be able to enjoy a delicious serving of this multifaceted dish.

If you feel like adding even more taste to your rice after prepping it in a broth, Immaculate Bites suggests throwing in seasonings like crushed pepper or paprika. By combining your flavor-soaked rice with delectable mix-ins, you'll be able to give your favorite rice recipes a delicious facelift.