The Los Cabos Resort That Pairs Tacos And Fancy Cocktails

Taco lovers rejoice! If you're heading down to Los Cabos Mexico anytime soon you'll be delighted to hear about a nine-course taco tasting menu where each taco is paired with a signature cocktail. This delightful culinary event can only be found at one specific hotel, so you'll want to make your reservation as soon as you book your flights — maybe sooner.

But first, a bit of history. Tacos are thought to have been invented in Mexico long before the Spanish settlers came to their shores. According to Smithsonian Magazine, University of Minnesota history professor, Jeffrey M. Pilcher theorizes that the taco came from Mexican silver mines of the 18th century. He explains that the word "taco" was originally a paper that gunpowder was wrapped in before it was placed in holes in the mine to extract the ore. Later, the first tacos mentioned in writing were called tacos de minero or "miner's tacos." Tacos later became popular in the U.S., particularly in Los Angeles, in the early 20th century as migrants began crossing the border Pilcher explains. They then became mainstream after Glen Bell opened Taco Bell in the 1950s. Smithsonian Magazine notes that Bell borrowed his ideas from his Mexican neighbors and didn't himself invent the hard shell taco. Now back to Los Cabos!

Nine tacos and nine cocktails in one sitting

It's been established that Americans love tacos and with Los Cabos being a popular destination for American tourists, it makes sense that Executive Chef Gustavo Pinet at the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal would want to capitalize on that. The hotel's restaurant, Travesía, offers a tasting experience that includes nine tacos (yes there is a dessert taco) that are each paired with a unique cocktail (per Food & Wine). Chef Pinet adds high-end twists to classic tacos like birria tacos, where he uses wagyu beef cheeks, and barbacoa made with tender lamb shank topped with xoconostle, a type of prickly pear. According to Travesía's website, the tasting costs $195 per person with cocktail pairings, $155 per person with mocktail pairings, and $135 per person for tacos only.

Food & Wine notes that the pairing begins with a fried oyster wrapped in a thin jicama "tortilla" served with aquachile and a Mexican 75 to drink. Other highlights include the rib eye taco served with yellow chiles and black garlic sauce, paired with a Mayahuel cocktail, made with tequila añejo, mango, orange juice, and just a pinch of homemade mole salt. This nine-course meal certainly sounds like a taco lover's dream come true.