JetBlue Launches Major December Sale

It's time for a delicious trip
Photo: paTTrick via Flickr

If you’ve procrastinated over buying your tickets home or somewhere warm that comes without in-laws for the holidays, JetBlue has you covered. The airline is offering a sale for 12 days. The catch? Each day a virtual snow globe will shake and reveal a sale at 1 p.m.—and those deals are good only until midnight.

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Travelers booking today can catch certain one-way flights, like New York City to Charleston, South Carolina (where one might want to eat at McCrady’s Tavern or white-hot pop-up 2Nixons), for $20. But they will still need to get home, and those tickets cost anywhere from $64 to $300 through the rest of the month.

Still, if you have any restaurants on your bucket list for 2016 that aren’t in your hometown, now might be the time for an impulsive ticket purchase.


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