Harrods Food Hall in London Is Getting a Major Revamp

It'll no longer be just a magnet for tourists
Harrods Food Hall Makeover in London
Photo: Herry Lawford via Flickr

One of the world's most renowned food halls is getting its first major face-lift in more than 30 years, Bloomberg reports. Harrods, the London landmark that's been a continual magnet for tourists (versus, you know, actual Londoners) is doing away with its extravagant reputation in favor of something more useful for local shoppers.

Instead of the lush extravagance that made it a spectacle for out-of-town guests and wealthy magnates, visitors will now find stalls more suited for day-to-day visits, including a coffee roaster, an on-site bakery led by Michelin-star baker Lance Gardner and a tea tailor, where customers can blend a custom order that's kept on file for future refills.


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Unfortunately, one thing that hasn't gotten a makeover yet are the prices. Sitting down for tea will cost you $41, while some cakes you can take home from the patisserie are as much as $70.


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