Illustrations by Paul Tuller


There's no escaping buying a gift for your significant other, whether you've been together for decades or are spending the holiday together for the first time. When in doubt, our advice is to go with something you can both enjoy—a win-win situation.


Santa's nothing without his elves, but a cook is nothing without the knives, measuring tools and serving utensils that make a kitchen tick. Set your friends and family up with everything they'll need to cook their way through the holiday season.


Santa loves his cookies, but who's to say he doesn't love caviar and chocolate truffles, too? Go beyond the peppermint bark this year and give that food lover a little something extra. Let's hope your friends are the sharing type.


Everyone has a vice (or two), Santa included. These are the things jolly old St. Nick packs to get him through that never-ending trek from the North Pole to chimneys around the world (just remember to let the reindeer do the driving).


The office tree is trimmed, your holiday sweater is on and now all that's left is to find the perfect item for your company gift exchange. For $25 or less, here’s how to tell your coworker how you really feel without getting fired.