Aw, Shucks

Recipes to celebrate the season of corn
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By the time August rolls around, we have corn coming out of our ears (pun intended) and, although the boiled, buttered and salted style holds its own, there are many other ways to take full advantage of the sweet kernels flooding the market.

This month's menu features five recipes that put the juicy cobs to good use: From a corn-whiskey cocktail to an adult take on the classic popcorn snack, this summertime dinner leaves no cob unshucked.

Start off by quenching your thirst with our refreshing bourbon-cherry lemonade. Mild at the outset, the boozy, bourbon-soaked cherry at the bottom of the glass packs a surprising wallop. Dip corn-and-okra-stuffed wontons into sweet and sour sauce before digging into chicken and corn tacos, served with a squeeze of lime. Be sure to save room on your plate for a side of zucchini blossoms. Filled with smoked ricotta and corn, these tender flowers are crisp, creamy and packed full of flavor. Finish the meal with a handful of boozy caramel corn, a decidedly mature sweet made with freshly popped corn kernels tossed with moonshine-laced caramel.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start shucking.

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