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Chip-and-dip sets for prime big game snacking
Chip-and-Dip Sets
Photos: Courtesy of Pier 1, Burke Decor, West Elm

The first rule of dip club?

Never take yourself too seriously.

Because whether you're making a fancy corn dip, throwing together Mom's famous seven-layer or just pouring a bag of onion soup mix into some sour cream, it's as much about the food as it is about celebrating with your pals.

Here are 10 of our favorite chip-and-dip bowls sure to delight Patriot die-hards, lifelong Seahawks fans and those who just delight in commercials and the halftime show.

  • Kart Serving Dishes

    Whoever said you shouldn't play with your food didn't realize that it could include sleek vessels designed by a Royal College of Art grad. We say play away.

    aplusrstore.com, $40 to $110

    Photo: Courtesy of A+R

  • Soho Chip and Dip Set

    Spongeware Chip + Dip Set

    Sorry? What game? We were distracted by the cheery polka dots on this handmade terra-cotta set.

    canvashomestore.com, $47.50

    Photo: Courtesy of Canvas Home

  • Taste Serving Plate and Bowls

    Take a modular approach to entertaining with a three-piece set. And when you're not hosting Hawks and Pats fans, use them as pretty serveware.

    burkedecor.com, $45

    Photo: Courtesy of Burke Decor

  • Chip Dip Bowl Hangers

    Don't care to commit to the whole chip-and-dip caboodle? Turn any ol' bowl into a party with a dipper that sits right on the edge.

    amazon.com, $12 for three

    Photo: Courtesy of TrendyHomeGoods

  • Soho Chip and Dip Set

    A few beers and touchdowns in and pigskin enthusiasts may forget exactly what they're supposed to do. Bring them back to the salsa with a friendly reminder.

    pier1.com, $20

    Photo: Courtesy of Pier 1

  • Universal Expert Chip and Dip Set

    The Cadillac of chip bowls, the five-piece set has a lid that doubles as a dip tray and all three dip bowls fit inside the bowl for easy storage.

    amara.com, $80

    Photo: Courtesy of West Elm

  • Revolving Classic Adjustable Chip and Dip

    Go super retro with the lazy Susan of chip bowls. Nearly as exciting as the rotating base are the removable separators so that mini pretzels can live in harmony next to sour cream and onion chips.

    amazon.com, $54

    Photo: Courtesy of Core Bamboo

  • Rotary Tray

    The higher the dip sits, the sooner it's in your mouth. It's just simple physics.

    yliving.com, $80

    Photo: Courtesy of YLiving

  • Orange Serving Dish

    Instead of constantly refilling too-small bowls, set out a huge spread then settle in for kick-off.

    crateandbarrel.com, $25

    Photo: Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

  • Dharma Chip and Drip Tray

    This may be fancier than the rest of our favorites, but guacamole really does deserve the best.

    allmodern.com, $225

    Photo: Courtesy of AllModern

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