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13 gifts to make Mom smile this Mother's Day
Photo: Courtesy of Nantucket Looms
Mother's Day Product Gift Guide

She might claim that the best gift is a chores coupon book or a big hug, but what mom really wants is enough chocolate to last through Labor Day.

The old breakfast-in-bed idea will always be cute, but this Mother's Day, give Mom something she actually needs (a replacement for that broken tea kettle) or just plain old wants (sparkly highball glasses). Basically, the goal is to not understand her mumbled "thank you," because she has a mouthful of the plum jam-topped toast and chocolate tea truffles you got her.

Whether you were raised by a chocolate fiend or a salami lover, here are 13 ways to say "thanks for putting up with my awkward years."

  • TCHO Mokaccino + Blue Bottle Coffee Bars

    These bite-size treats are perfect for stashing in a handbag or glove compartment box. With a caffeine jolt from freshly roasted coffee beans, plus creamy chocolate, Mom will feel ready to take on the world.

    tcho.com, $57 for 100 bars

  • Tea Truffles

    If tea is more her style, this sweet set from L.A.'s Valerie Confections will do the trick. The box has four infused chocolate options, ranging from refreshing Moroccan mint to savory matcha green tea.

    valerieconfections.com, $46 for 20 pieces

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Bellini Mixer

    If you could drink a pie, it would taste like this just-add-Champagne mix. But for days when it's not acceptable to kick off the morning with a cocktail, fizzy water does the trick for a refreshing booze-free spritzer.

    nantucketlooms.com, $12

  • Mirabelle Plum Jam

    Fitting for the holiday, Ayako Gordon's artisanal jam business is rooted in a love for celebrating family and meals. She makes more than a dozen different plum varieties, but we like the concentrated flavor and citrusy notes of the grape-sized Mirabelle variant.

    ayakoandfamily.com, $14

  • European Sampler

    If an all-expenses paid trip to Europe isn't in the cards for gifting this year, you can at least give your mom the meat sweats, inspired by her favorite vacation destination. This pack of Greek, Spanish, Italian and French salami will cover all the bases.

    olympiaprovisions.com, $50

  • Minted Custom Foil-Pressed Print

    Turn any and every photo into a gold foil rendition of the original, with framing options to boot. This might be a good time to track down that aging family portrait you drew in kindergarten.

    minted.com, starts at $95

  • Food with Friends: The Art of Simple Gatherings by Leela Cyd

    Mom was your OG best friend, so treat her accordingly. This new cookbook will be her entertaining go-to, and many of the dishes—like sweet tahini buns and chocolate-orange challah—are perfect for quality mother-daughter/son cooking time.

    amazon.com, $25

  • Carnivale Mini Planters

    She always talks about setting up an at-home garden, but it just never seems to happen. Get her started with one of these colorful two-tone pots—and to show how much you really care, stick a black-thumb-proof succulent in it first.

    crateandbarrel.com, $6 each

  • Kaico Enamelware Kettle

    This sleek, Japan-made kettle is more aesthetically pleasing than any electric option out there. It holds nearly one and a half liters, making it functional as well as decorative.

    omoionline.com, $162

  • Juice Bruce Lemon Squeezer

    Make Mom smile every time she adds citrus to a recipe. Armed with the friendliest-looking kitchen tool of all time, she'll want to finish every dish she makes with a squeeze of lemon juice.

    animicausa.com, $20

  • Chai Tea Concentrate

    Sure, she'll be able to make her favorite coffee shop order at home, but this delightful spiced blend can do more than star in a creamy tea latte: Try it in baked treats like pumpkin bread, French toast and more.

    mouth.com, $12 for one 16-ounce bottle

  • Paloma Glass Highballs

    She'll have a hard time picking a favorite between the four gold-dusted patterns on these glasses. Solution? Pour her four different cocktails, so she doesn't have to choose.

    luluandgeorgia.com, $65 for four

  • Clay Pot

    Inspire Mom to try a new (er, ancient) cooking method with this earthenware crock, which makes one-pot weeknight meals a breeze. Think of it like the original slow cooker—it can even fit a whole chicken.

    ikea.com, $20

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