You Can Now Make Your Own LaCroix (Sort Of)

Design your own can and show the world who's boss
LaCroix Sparking Water
Photo: LaCroix via Facebook

Is there anything in the world that could make LaCroix, the flavored seltzer that everyone’s been fawning over, any better? Well, what if you could make your very own? Dreams do come true, folks.  
You can now go to MyLaCroix.com and choose whichever color your heart desires, and name your flavor, too.

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According to Refinery29, the geniuses behind the Stranger Things generator are to thank. Here’s what we’re running with for now . . .

"Blue Steel"

"Pink Unicorn"

"Stranger Things"


"Lemon Verbena"

"Very Berry Buffy"

"Fairy Dust"

"Blue Raspberry"


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