A Mississippi Brewery Is Turning King Cake into Beer

Have your king cake and drink it, too
King Cake Beer from Chandeleur Brewing
Photo: Chandeleur Brewing via Facebook

Forget the beads, glittery masks and hurricane slushies—everyone knows king cake is the real reason for celebrating Mardi Gras. And for those who can't get enough of the cinnamon-scented pastry, one Mississippi taproom is using it in its latest, special-edition beer.

Gulfport brewer Chandeleur Island's newest creation is beer made from—you guessed it—plenty of the seasonal frosted pastry. (No word if they took out the plastic babies beforehand.)

"We put some of the delicious cakes from Le Bakery in our tanks and aged some beer on them for a few days. The result is liquid alcoholic King Cake," the brewery proudly states on its Facebook page. 

The limited-run beer—along with free cake samples from Le Bakery—was available at Chandeleur's tasting room this past weekend, but if you ultimately missed out on the chance to have your cake and drink it, too, there's always next year (and, you know, actual king cake).


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