Forty Ounce Red Wine Is Here Just in Time for Fall

Stock up while you can
Forty Ounce Red Wine Bottles
Photo: Forty Ounce Wines via Facebook

That swelling sense of doom you feel knowing your rosé (and definitely your frosé) days are almost over may be suppressed, thanks to what is sure to be our next fall essential: the Forty Ounce Red.

From the geniuses behind the game-changing Forty Ounce Rosé comes a new light Gamay that won't require you to take a nap should you "accidentally" finish the whole bottle in one sitting. Like the other 40-ounce wines in the company's collection, Forty Ounce Red is a "light-bodied, lively and dry red wine," according to company sommelier Patrick Cappiello; it's also extremely drinkable.

Known for its earthy notes, flexibility in pairing and subtle floral fragrance, Gamay is a vivid red wine that tastes similar to Pinot Noir. You can find a high-quality bottle of Gamay for around $15 to $25, and this Red is no different, setting you back a mere $16.

We foresee plenty of Forty Ounce Reds decorating our fall tables as the perfect complement to a warm roast chicken, hearty root vegetables and cinnamony apple galettes.


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