5 Things We Now Know About Alton Brown's New Coffee Shop

It'll be like stepping into his living room
More Details About Alton Brown's Coffee Shop Are Here
Photo: Sarah De Heer

When Alton Brown revealed in January plans to open a coffee shop in his hometown of Marietta, Georgia, details were ambiguous at best. Legions of fans—us included—were left wondering what he exactly had in mind for what would undeniably be coffee shop utopia. Would he serve oatmeal made in hotel coffee makers? Is the infamous Good Eats jingle going to be playing in the background?

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Thankfully, in a recent interview with the LA times, Brown gave us five tidbits to grasp onto while we book flights to Georgia:

 The Wi-Fi Will Be Excellent

College students and unpublished writers take note— "You can come hang out for as long as you want," Brown says.

 It'll Be a Jazz Music Haven

We can only hope a jazzy rendition of his Food Network show's theme song exists somewhere.

 The Coffee Will Be Pour-Over Only

"I’m addicted to coffee and to coffee shops. And I can’t get a good cup of coffee around here," he explains about his reasoning for opening the spot.  

 It'll Feel like His Living Room

"I like hanging out at coffee shops. I like the art on the wall at coffee shops," Brown reveals about his plans for the custom-curated decor.

 He'll Make an Occasional Appearance

"I will come in the back door in my pajamas or a robe and get a cup of coffee and sit down and read the paper."


More Coffee! Because the Eat Your Science Tour relaunches in just 2 weeks. #altonbrownlive

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Head on over to the LA Times for the full interview, where the culinary scientist also talks Good Eats' comeback, his role in the Iron Chef revival and his obsession with instant ramen seasoning packets.


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