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Accessories for your summer beer-drinking needs
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Four summer beer-drinking essentials

There's nothing quite like an ice-cold beer or a beer cocktail on a sticky summer day. Outfit your bar and table with these accessories for optimal warm-weather brew-drinking pleasure:

1. Mug Shot: This freezer- and dishwasher-safe embossed glass mug ($8) from Iittala revives a 1973 Scandinavian design. Picture yourself in a Finnish pub as you grip the stout vessel's roomy handle.

2. Leather Head: Now that more and more craft beers are being produced in cans, it may be time to invest in a classy koozie. Nothing states "I am not drinking PBR" more clearly than this Wheelman & Co. leather wraparound ($25).

3. Lime Time: If you're not in possession of a sharp paring knife, Kuhn Rikon's citrus slicer ($20) can help you carve perfectly sized lime wedges to slip into narrow bottle tops. Use the attached grater for other cooking needs.

4. Case Closed: Given that many craft beers come in 22-ounce bottles, we won't judge you if you're not able to finish the entire thing in a sitting. The convenient, portable Hermetus bottle opener and resealer ($9) ensures that every sip is as fresh and crisp as your first.

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