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The best gear for a New Year's Eve cocktail party

Venturing out on New Year's Eve never pans out quite like you imagined: overpriced cocktails, restaurants serving whatever's left, overcrowded (and overheated) bars and nightmarish adventures home.

Avoid the whole fiasco and welcome 2015 with a party at your place. Here, the gear and festive touches that will transform your get-together from a regular ol' cocktail party to a fete that would make Dick Clark proud.

  • Deco Barware Collection

    Take a break from slinging drinks and let those lushes help themselves. Just leave all the essential tools in one place.

    westelm.com, $55

    Photo: Courtesy of West Elm

  • Golden Berry Glasses

    Dotted glasses give bubbly an equally bubbly vessel.

    jaysonhome.com, $21-$26

    Photo: Courtesy of Jayson Home

  • Party On Bottle Opener

    Odds are that your fellow revelers will have no problem with this mandate, but best to cover all your bases.

    saturday.com, $25

    Photo: Courtesy of Kate Spade Saturday

  • Personalized Melamine Tray

    Make your rounds through the clusters of conversations with a tray of cocktails in hand.

    markandgraham.com, $44

    Photo: Courtesy of Mark & Graham

  • New Years Photo Props Kit

    Ain't no Instagram like a New Year's Instagram, especially when glitter moustaches and party hats are involved.

    papersource.com, $17 for the kit

    Photo: Courtesy of Paper Source

  • Oh Joy! Plastic Goblets

    Nothing kills a party buzz quite like a sinkful of glassware. Find a happy medium between plastic tumblers and your finest crystal with a set of gold-rimmed goblets.

    target.com, $4 for four

    Photo: Courtesy of Target

  • Top Hat Champagne Stopper

    We're not ones to leave a bottle of Champagne unfinished but should you need to break from sipping (banging on pots outside, dance floor session), keep the bottle fizzy with a top hat and bow-tie stopper.

    potterybarn.com, $29

    Photo: Courtesy of Pottery Barn

  • Phantom Decanter

    That lone bottle of budget booze doesn't look so hot next to the rest of your top shelf selections. Jazz it up with a silver decanter.

    cb2.com, $20

    Photo: Courtesy of CB2

  • Swivel Cognac Glasses

    Tops need not be confined to the festival of lights: Spin your drink in Normann Copenhagen designs that double as playthings.

    normann-copenhagen.com, $50 for two

    Photo: Courtesy of Normann Copenhagen

  • Pop Fizz Clink Balloons

    You already reminded them to "Party On," but after more than a few cocktails, your guests may need a reminder on New Year's protocol.

    thetomkatstudio.com, $6 each

    Photo: Courtesy of The Tomkat Studio

  • Sphere Ice Molds

    Go meta with a spherical ice cube in your cocktail as the the ball drops at midnight. Freeze a thin slice of blood orange or a few fresh cranberries inside for extra flair.

    surlatable.com, $11

    Photo: Courtesy of Sur la Table

  • Tina Frey Champagne Bucket

    Be sure your favorite bottle is chilled and ready to pop for midnight in a hand-sculpted, boldly colored bucket.

    tinafreydesigns.com, $220

    Photo: Courtesy of Tina Frey Designs

  • Glittered Cocktail Stirrers

    It's the only time of year where glitter is both accepted and encouraged. Embrace it with sparkly stirrers.

    anthropologie.com, $12 for four

    Photo: Courtesy of Anthropologie

  • Martini Mixer

    Swap that standard mixer for a sleek, minimalist Danish design suited to all manner of martinis.

    abchome.com, $100

    Photo: Courtesy of ABC Home

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