Pope Francis Calls Pappy Van Winkle a 'Very Good Bourbon'

The papacy has spoken
Pope Francis Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon
Photo: Pacific Press/Getty Images 

If you're visiting the pontiff, it's not a bad idea to go bearing a gift, such as the one Father Jim Sichko brought Pope Francis this week: a rare, 23-year-old Pappy Van Winkle.

Sichko, who hails from Kentucky, managed to source the bottle directly from Julian Van Winkle himself before flying it over to Italy and presenting it to the papacy after a private audience. 

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"He [the pope] knew I was from Kentucky, so when I handed it to him, he immediately said 'bourbon' and I said yes . . .," Sichko tells the Lexington Herald Leader, ". . .and then he said 'very good bourbon."

Pope Francis wasn't the only lucky one who got to take home a taste of Kentucky. Sichko also brought extra bottles of Van Winkle, Four Roses, Woodford Reserve and Knob Creek bourbon for other Catholic officials and Swiss guards as well. Here's to hoping they use it for another pizza party.


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