Watch Giada Get Told Her Food Is Awful on Live TV

It's, ahem, tough to watch
Nicole Kidman Tells Giada Her Food is Awful
Photo: TheEllenShow via YouTube

Of all the talk shows out there, one could assume The Ellen DeGeneres Show, with its lovable scares and spontaneous dance parties, would be the one safe space on TV where you wouldn't get called out in front of the entire country.  

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Unfortunately, that's not what The Next Food Network Star judge Giada De Laurentiis experienced earlier this week. Our beloved Italian chef was teaching DeGeneres and guest host Nicole Kidman some of her favorite recipes, including what will surely be her most infamous dish yet: a clementine and fennel focaccia. Watch the debacle unfold below:

After an awkward moment where both DeGeneres and Kidman use all of their jaw strength to rip off a bite of focaccia, Kidman politely points out, "I know you're not meant to criticize, but it's a little tough."

In De Laurentiis's defense, those stage-ready samples happened to be sitting on the counter for around five hours. But it's just plain entertaining when an A-list celebrity tells a Food Network star her food is painfully tough to swallow, with our favorite funny lady laughing in the background.

It's all right though, Giada. We still love you.


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